On April 12, 2019 the ArkGeo Board was called to order by President, Candace Dulaney. We met at the South Bend Fire Station, South Bend (Jacksonville), AR.

Board Members Present at the meeting:
Candace Dulaney, President
Pat Vaughn, Immediate Past President
Sharon Simmons, Treasurer
Kimberly Pridmore, Secretary
Chris Rasmussen, Website Co-Manager

Board Members Absent:
Chris Knox
Angela Munden
Justin Murphree
Laura Neale

Judy Vaughn
Butch Chapman


The ArkGeo Board has been very busy this quarter holding four meet & greet type events, one of which was a Creation Celebration Event, and two CITO events.

We have worked closely with the Election Committee and have successfully concluded another election schedule, electing 4 new board members.

We have also worked with the Events Committee in preparation for the annual ArkGeo Event.

The Board was thrilled that ArkGeo was honored to receive one Adventure Lab from Geocaching HQ and happily developed 10 Lab Caches in and around Little Rock.

There have been two new registered voting members added this past quarter.

Treasurer's Report 3/31/19

Beginning Balance $3,620.00

Deposit from Paris Event Sales + others $242.50
TOTAL Income $242.50

None $0.00
TOTAL Expenses $0.00

Closing Balance $3,862.50

Pay Pal Beginning Balance $21.06
Coin Sales $15.00
Less Fees & Coin Mailing -$3.40
Pay Pal Ending Balance $32.66

PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $100.00
Give Back Credits $10.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $110.00

Pay Pal Balance $32.66
PathTag Cash Balance $110.00
Checking Balance $3,862.50
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $4,005.16

Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 3/31/19

Website Manager's Report
Jason Nuckols was not present at the meeting. Chris Rasmussen was present and talked with the board about cleaning up the website and get links and pages working that aren’t working. Ideas on how to promote website were also discussed.


Election Committee

Chairman: Judy Vaughn
Board Liaison: Sharon Simmons

Board election has completed with the following results:

Election results:

53 Votes Cast
Candidate Votes Percent

Justin Murphree aka arkfiremedic 44 83%
Angela Munden aka ABJCM 39 74%
Kimberly Pridmore aka Kimberly5775 35 66%
Laura Neale aka Lauracricket 30 57%
David Solomon aka KSDS97 29 55%

Thank you to all who ran for the board & congratulations to those who will be on board.
Thank you Judy for all your work on this election!!

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Vacant
Board Liaison: Sue Hayes

Sue asked Fundraising Committee Members to consider one of them becoming the Chairman for the Committee in September, 2018. Eight Members viewed the request. No one replied.
No official report this quarter since there is still no Chairman.

Unofficial Report.....
We had a goal of selling $500.00 in merchandise during 2018-19, but we were a little short in making that goal.

Community Relations Committee

Chair: Pat Vaughn
Board Liaison: Susan Smith Dodson

Geocaching 101 event held at Murray Park in Little Rock on March 2nd.

Event Committee

Chairman: Justin Murphree
Board Liaison: Chris Knox

Chris Knox was absent so no official report was available

Membership Committee

Chairman: Judy Vaughn
Board Liaison: Eugene Smith

Recent Geocacher Profiles: Likestocanoe, Nik&Styx, lauracricket


1. Meeting ArkGeo Goals
Fundraising -Goal of $500 in sales.
Our 4 Non-Executive Board Members will each hold a Meet & Greet during the fiscal year (April 1, 2019 -
March 31, 2020)
Teaching Opportunities: Teach Geocaching during four separate classes

2. Keeping Website Current
Ideas to increase ArkGeo interest/membership
Ideas to increase ArkGeo Committees membership/participation
Our website is important for our continued membership and to keep our organization going. It must be kept updated.
Ideas on ways to get Facebook traffic to the website.
Committee Involvement
Ideas on how to get more involvement from members of ArkGeo with the committees. Handouts or Sign up sheets at events?


1. New Secretary
A motion was made by Pat Vaughn for Kimberly Pridmore to be Secretary of the board. Candace Dulaney seconded the motion. All in favor.

2. Election Schedule Adjustment
Newly elected board members will not take office until May 1st. This is being changed so that the Annual Event will be covered by experienced board members. The old board members will rotate off on May 1st.

3. ArkGeo Membership Engagement
Ideas were discussed on how to get members of ArkGeo to be more involved with the website and the various committees.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Candace, Sharon seconded the motion, All in favor.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Kimberly Pridmore