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Thread: April 2019 Geocacher Profile

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    April 2019 Geocacher Profile

    The Membership Relations Committee is happy to showcase some ArkGeo Geocachers through the "Geocacher Profile". The committee thought Likestocanoe aka Jim and Sandy Fryar should be the next cachers to be in the spotlight. Yes, we know they were profiled before, that is why this one is not the questionnaire.

    Likestocanoe are great geocachers! They give back to the game in a mighty way with 741 geocaches owned. There are 26 event geocaches in that 741. Jim and Sandy are both very friendly and outgoing. They never meet a stranger. They welcome everyone with open arms and a positive attitude. They currently have 18,472 geocache finds.

    Recently, Sandy has had some life threatening health issues. After 65 days in various hospitals, Sandy Fryar went home on April 2! She still has a long road of recovery -- physically, mentally, and emotionally -- but we're praising God! Many people in this organization have been praying for Sandy and the family. Keep it up as she continues to recover! Sandy will share about her experience when she is ready. We are thankful for God's miraculous healing.

    The following is from Matt, Jim and Sandy's son:
    I know a lot of people are going to want to see her. Please take it slow and let her acclimate to being home. She tires easily, and she's still going to be doing physical therapy several days a week. And knowing all you Southerners... No, Mom and Dad don't need meals right now. Continue, please, to pray that her body, mind, and spirit will all continue to strengthen and that Dad will keep his spirits up as he helps her through her ongoing recovery.

    You can encourage Jim and Sandy by posting about one of your geocaching adventures with them in this thread.

    Jim and Sandy placed several geocaches before the health issues. Normally, Sandy takes care of all of the online part of geocaching, but Jim couldn't let her down so he worked extra hard to get them published. Show Likestocanoe your appreciation by finding their geocaches, and writing them good logs.

    Jim and Sandy.jpg

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    So glad to see that Sandy is back home. Will continue to pray for her complete recovery.
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    The week I started geocaching was the same week as the 5000 club meeting. I didnt know a soul. I was there maybe 5 minutes and I hear "Give me that baby and you go talk to adults."

    I dont have family here. I dont get spoiled by Grandma Afternoons. I had a colicky six month old and hadn't slept a whole night in 7 months. Sandy was (and has always been) a joy to me. I love her in ways she'll never understand.

    "When life gives you hands...make handmade!"

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    Sandy and Jimmy started caching a year and a half before we did. We're not sure when we first met, but we have treasured their friendship from the start. Whenever we've needed help with an ArkGeo event or caches or even our home A/C unit, Jimmy and Sandy have been willing to help. They have hidden an amazing number of caches and do an awesome job of keeping them maintained. The past three months we've prayed a lot and are so excited to see Sandy's recovery. Our continued prayers for you both. We love you guys and look forward to sharing many more memories with you.

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    The team of likestocanoe are the very first Geocachers I ever met out on the geo trails. The BF was driving me around out on the back roads of Vilonia. We were enjoying the pretty day... picking up a few smilies on the gumball rally. We were coming around a curve in the road.... there is a truck parked where I want the BF to stop. There's a lady sitting in the passenger seat... and the guy is bent over a fire hydrant. I yell out the window... I know what you're doing. I jump out of the BF's truck. The guy that was previously bent over the fire hydrant says... well then I guess you'll be wanting this. He hands me the log so I can sign.

    We spent the next 10 - 15 minutes talking to the strangers in the middle of a dirt road.... somewhere around Vilonia, Arkansas. Who knew that the bubbly lady that got out of that truck... cute little dog in tow... and the fire hydrant inspector would be people that I would look forward to seeing at events.... and even come to think of as friends. - continued thoughts and prayers... can't wait to see you guys again

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