We met on the campus of UCA on September 28th, 2018, in Conway, AR. President, Pat Vaughn called our meeting to order.

Board Members Present at the meeting:

Pat Vaughn, President

Susan Smith Dodson, Immediate Past President

Sharon Simmons, Treasurer

Sue Hayes, Secretary

Chris Knox

Phoebe Sellers

Absent: Chris Rasmussen

Eugene Smith
Candance Dulaney

Visitors: Judy Vaughn

Angela Munden and Daughter, Carolyn.

President's Report

The Arkgeo Board has continued to work hard this quarter in line with our Vision & Mission Statements.

Through the efforts of our Board(Thanks Sharon & Eugene), all three of the new Virtual Rewards Virtual caches, due to expire in just days, were submitted and approved as active caches. This is a perfect example of how ArkGeo, through the dedication of our Board Members, can help expand and improve geocaching for all of Arkansas.

ArkGeo has also hosted a few events this quarter including an AR Experience teaching event on the new Augmented Reality caches, 2 Meet & Greets, and a CITO.

There has been one(1) new voting member added to our membership list this quarter

Treasurer's Report 9/24/18

Treasurer's Report 9/24/18
Beginning Balance $3,590.00
07/27/18 Merchandise sold $30.00
TOTAL Income $30.00
None $0.00
TOTAL Expenses $0.00
Closing Balance $3,620.00
Pay Pal Beginning Balance $21.06
No Activity $0.00
Pay Pal Ending Balance $21.06
PathTag Cash Beginning Balance $100.00
No Activity $0.00
PathTag Cash Ending Balance $100.00
Pay Pal Balance $21.06
PathTag Cash Balance $100.00
Checking Balance $3,620.00
Total in Checking, Pay Pal, & PathTag Cash $3,741.06

Submitted by Sharon Simmons, Treasurer 9/24/18

WEBSITE MANAGER'S REPORT: by Pat Vaughn, President

We still have updates on the Website that need to be addressed, plus several other issues that Pat will bring to Jason's attention.


Committee Liaison:

Committee Chairman: Judy Vaughn

Judy Vaughn reported that nominations are being accepted for next year's board members.


Committee Liaison: Sue Hayes

Committee Chairman: XXXXXXX

There is no committee chairman, but Treasurer, Sharon Simmons, reports the following in sales..... $177.00

Pat asked Sue to post in the Fundraising Committee Forum asking for someone in the committee to consider being the committee chairman


Committee Liaison: Susan Smith Dodson

Committee Chairman: Pat Vaughn

Sadly, Pinnacle Mountain State Park held their program without contacting ArkGeo to hold a Geocaching Class.

Arkansas has three new virtual caches from the Virtual Reward Program. ArkGeo helped answer any questions the cachers had who were rewarded those new virtuals.

Committee Liaison: Chris Knox
Committee Chairman: Justin Murphree
Report made by Judy Vaughn, Committee Member
Justin Murphree has agreed to be the new Committee Chairman.

A location and date have been finalized for our 2019 Annual Event. More details are pending.
Since April 1, Sue has planned and hosted the following events:
1 Annual Event
2 CITO's
5 Meet & Greets.

We asked for two Board Members to volunteer to host one CITO each before March 31st to help us fulfill an ArkGeo Goal.


Committee Liaison: EuGene Smith
Committee Chairman: Judy Vaughn
EuGene was absent, but Judy Vaughn reported that the "Cacher Profile" has started up again


Status of ArkGeo Goals
1. Fundraising Goal of $500.00
We have sold $177.00 to date

2. Hold 4 CITO's
Sue has hosted two ArkGeo CITO's since April 1,2018
1. Clarksville, April 28, 2018
2. Russellville, September 22, 2018
We have asked (2) Board Members to consider hosting a CITO before March 31,2019

3. The four Non-Executive Board Members each host an ArkGeo Meet and Greet before March 31, 2019
No one has held their Meet and Greet yet
1. Phoebe -- is planning one in Fordyce in late October
2. Chris K
3. EuGene
4. Candance

4. Hold 4 teaching opportunities
1. Judy Vaughn held an AR_ Teaching Event in August

Keeping Website Updated
Pat is still working with Jason to get our website updated, along with several other issues.


1. Ideas to increase ArkGeo interest / membership
Discussion and brain storming helped us make a list of possible ideas to be implemented
A. Contests
B. Puzzle help events
C. Have ambassadors to promote ArkGeo
D. Recognition at Annual Event for active members: Milestones, DeLorme Challenge, County Challenge, State Park Challenge
E. Promote ArkGeo on Facebook to neighboring states
F. ArkGeo members eat free at the Annual Event

2. Ideas to increase ArkGeo Committees membership / participation
A. It's important to build membership to increase workers who are willing to participate.
B. We need to have ArkGeo sign-up sheet at all ArkGeo events with committee sign-up options.

3. Progress on ArkGeo Annual Event
Judy Vaughn reported...
A. Our Annual Event will be held April 13, 2019 in Jacksonville, AR in the Chamber of Commerce Building.
B. The lady at the Chamber Office is trying to secure food for the event.
C. No location for the Annual CITO has been secured yet

4. Upcoming Executive Board Election
A. Sharon Simmons has agreed to continue into her 5th year on the board as Treasurer.
B. Vice President: Chris R will move into the Presidency, President: Pat will become Immediate Past President.
C. We will need a new Secretary and new Vice President
D. Voting will take place during the January Meeting.

5. Upcoming ArkGeo Board Election
A. The election committee is working to secure members to run for the 4 board positions opening up March 31, 2019.

6. Updating Committee Liaisons
A. Sharon agreed to be the Election Committee Liaison.
B. Our other liaisons are.....
Fundraising Committee: Sue
Community Relations Committee: Susan
Event Committee: Chris K
Membership Committee: EuGene
C. Sue, Susan, Phoebe, and Eugene will roll off the board March 31, 2019

7. January Board Meeting will be held the night before the Paris Event
January 11, 2019 @ Best Western, Clarksville, AR

Respectfully submitted by: Sue Hayes