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Thread: Geowoodstock Ambassador

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    Geowoodstock Ambassador

    As many of you know, Mathseeker was selected last year to be an ambassador for Geowoodstock XVI. It was part of a plan to make Geowoodstock XVI held in Cincinnati, Ohio the first Giga event in the United States. The project worked so well that it is again being implemented for Geowoodstock XVII to be held in Ft. Worth, Tx. Ambassadors for Geowoodstock XVII are being selected by a whole new committee so previous ambassadors are not guaranteed to be selected again. With that being said, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Mathseeker received word today that she as been selected as Arkansas' only Geowoodstock XVII ambassador. Congratulations Mathseeker. We are proud of you.

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    Judy Franklin, jffok is a Fort Worth GeoWoodstock Ambassador from Oklahoma. Congratulations, Judy!
    One cache at a time!

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    Congratulations Judy and Judy! You will do both states proud I’m sure!

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    Congrats Judy and Judy. We know you'll both represent your states superbly while promoting GWS 2019.

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