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Thread: Forum app for mobile devices

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    Oct 2010
    Sure, but you're going to have to give me some time. The real world work is keeping me very occupied right now.

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    No problem. I can wait. Just did not know one way or the other. It is easier to wait when you know it is an affirmative answer and easier to go on when it is a negative one. Thank you again for the consideration of this request and the hard work you do in your spare time to make these things happen and keep things running for the rest of us!

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    alanwest Guest
    It seems like so much helpful for us to use this app. Thanks for sharing. Effective apps !!

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    Aug 2014
    I think that if we are to have more active members we need to reach them where they are at. To not have of some sort of mobile app would only handicap our members. We need to be easily assessable. The more streamlined we can be, the more activity we will see from members.

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    markaldrich007 Guest
    You are a very clever individual!

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