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Thread: Newbie Cabot Cacher

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    Newbie Cabot Cacher

    Hi, everyone! I'm Daniece, and I just moved to Cabot, Arkansas from Louisiana. I am very new to Arkansas and very new to geocaching. I haven't actually found a cache yet, but I have a list of them that my kids and I want to try to find this weekend. I'm still learning the geocaching language and some of the ins and outs, and I'm excited about getting out there and finding my first cache! Having recently moved, money is tight, and we were trying to find something we could do as a family that wouldn't cost a fortune. There are eight of us, so that excludes just about everything. . . until we discovered geocaching. We also figured it would be a great way to learn about the area and find our way around better and hopefully meet some new people and maybe make a few friends. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of Arkansas Geocachers, and I hope to meet some of you real soon!

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    Welcome to the Cabot area, and welcome to Geocaching!!! I have found most in the Cabot and Jacksonville area, so if you need any assistance don't be afraid to ask, me or anyone else on here. We all love to geocache and we all love to help "Newbie's." Maybe we will meet you soon, at an event or maybe even out on the trail. Happy Caching!!!
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    Welcome to geocaching. It is fun, it will drive you crazy, and it will get you out to see the area. If you have any question just ask. I will be most happy to help you. See you out there on the geo trail.

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    Welcome to the sport! Lots of great people on here to answer any questions you may have.

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    Good to see you!
    Hope to meet you soon!

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    Cabot.. If your looking for a meet/greet, try Newport tomorrow, 2/23. Not a big crowd, but a sprinkling of those new to geocaching and some that have been "around" for a while. Join us if you have time..

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    Welcome to Arkansas and to the Wide World of Geocaching..... How many caches have you and the kids found since your posting? Hope you are having F-U-N! We started a few years ago and are still having fun.... If there is anything we can do to assist, please feel free to send an email @ If we don't know the answer, we bet we can find someone who can help.
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