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Thread: Maintenance of ParkCaches

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    astrodav Guest
    If the board wants me to, I'd gladly scan the maps around the remaining parks which have neither a Primary or Secondary. Then contact 2 or 3 of the most active cachers in those areas, to see if they might be interested in coming over here & seeing if they would like to volunteer.

    There's a large percentage of very active cachers who don't frequent this site, so might not even be aware of this project. Doing this might get our volunteer-list filled up, & might gain ArkGeo a few more members too.

    Doesn't matter a bit to me. But I won't do it without some type of approval from the board.

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    photojunky Guest
    Lake Chicot SP cache is up and running again. I took an ammo can w/SWAG and TB's/Coins down this morning and with the park superintendent, Ocie Hunter, watched as maintenance bolted down the can so it couldn't be muggled again. I hope that someone from SE Arkansas will take primary on this park, I was warmly greeted and assured that his park was very supportive of the caching community. Come on folks, these state parks are great locations for our caches and you only have to check on them 3 or 4 times a year. We still have park caches not being covered, volunteer.

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    Mathseeker and I traveled to the Plantation Agriculture Museum and to Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park Saturday to introduce ourselves and to check on the caches there. Even though neither Park's superintendent was there, we did have the opportunity to meet the staff and checked on the caches. They are both in great shape and ready to be found.

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    Nukeworker and I stopped in at Lake Dardanelle State Park last week and met the superintendent along with his staff that keeps an eye on the park's geocaches. We had a wonderful visit and thanked them for supporting geocaching. The cache was in great shape, so we only added a little more swag. It's ready to be found. Happy hunting, NW & RBG

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    edieo Guest
    I have met the superintendent at both Mount Nebo and Mount Magazine and introduce myself and we had a great visit and all is well with both caches.

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    cachemates Guest

    Cossatott State Park

    Went today to check on the State park cache! I replaced the small plastic jar with an ammo can. I placed the needed numbers in a baggie with the logbook. It is in good shape. Went to the visitor center and told the Park Ranger what was done. She was not aware about Ark Geo doing maintainence but was very pleased.

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    JodyC_GoHogs Guest
    For those who are monitoring this stream... Hobbs State Park cache (GC1CYWB) is currently disabled.

    December 7 by Arkansas State Parks: I am temporarily disabling this cache due to safety concerns of hunting season. We plan to move the cache to a better year-round location. Thanks for your patience.

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    Ashallond Guest
    The spot where it was was really nice, but it was such a relatively long hike unless you went off trail.

    Will be interesting to see where they move it to.

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    Aw shucks. That was one of the few I had left to complete. Not that I have to have it right now, but Big Bureaucracy is rarely in a hurry. They will take months. Archery season isn't even over until mid-February, and then there's the onslaught of turkey hunters in the spring.

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    I have emailed the volunteer for that ParkCache to ask them to assist in the relocation of the cache. Hopefully, this will move things along more quickly.
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