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Why hasn't my cache been approved?

(The majority of the following information was supplied by an official cache approver)

The vast majority of caches are reviewed between 0 and 48 hours after submission. However, there are many reasons why there might be a delay in the approval of your cache. If you ever have a question about the process, send an email to your local approver. If you don't know who your local approver is, just ask in the forums here.

Here are a few things that you can do to speed up the review and approval process:

1) Provide plenty of information when submitting your cache. Remember that too much information is always better than not enough. Use the "Note to the Reviewer" section of the submission form to give specific information to the approver about the cache (coordinates for multistage puzzles, final coordinates for puzzle or offset caches, etc...)

2) Review your cache location for nearby problem areas. Look at your cache location on a map. If you see things like railroad tracks or an airport nearby, chances are that your approver will ask about it. Let the approver know about any special or unusual circumstances regarding the location of your cache.

3) Review your cache location for nearby caches. While you're checking the cache location, you should also make sure that your cache is at least 528 feet (0.1 mile) from the nearest cache. This is one of the most common reasons for a delay in getting a cache approved.

4) If you need to communicate with the approver, use email. When an approver posts a note to your cache page, you will receive a notification via email. Just remember, however, that when YOU post a note, the approver is not notified. If you wish the approver to see your comments, you should send it via email.

For more information about the guidelines for placing caches, visit's Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines.

Where can I get free wireless access in Arkansas?

Most major hotel chains across the country are now offering free wireless, along with some coffee houses and cafes.

Many ArkGeo members have submitted places where they have found free wireless access in Arkansas. The list below is a work in progress and is being updated regularly. If you have verified a free WiFi spot in Arkansas, we encourage you to add it to the list by posting to this thread in the forums:

FREE Wireless Access in Arkansas

What do all of these terms and abbreviations mean?

The geocaching community has developed its own lingo over the years and some of the terms and abbreviations can be a little confusing to a newcomer. Here are a couple of web pages that will help explain them:

GeoLex - The Lexicon of Geocaching's Geocaching Glossary

Which GPSr should I buy for geocaching?

This question is answered in an ArkGeo member-submitted article! Visit the "Content" section to read more!

What should I carry while geocaching?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • GPSr
  • extra batteries for GPSr/camera/PDA/etc.
  • descriptions of caches you plan to visit
  • a few pens or pencils (to sign logbooks or to leave in caches that don't have one)
  • some 35mm film canisters with logbook/stash notes (for on-the-fly micro caches)
  • digital camera
  • sunscreen
  • map of the area
  • spare change
  • trade items
  • extra log book (in case the one in the cache is full)
  • Ziploc bags
  • cell phone

For a more rural caching trip or longer hikes, add the following:

  • compass
  • water
  • snacks (my personal favorite item!)
  • hiking stick (use it for prodding in leaves or brush while looking for the cache.)
  • small first aid pack (keep it stocked!)
  • multitool (such as a Leatherman)
  • small flashlight (one that uses the same size batteries as your GPSr)
  • safety whistle (one for each person in the party)
  • lighter and/or waterproof matches and/or monocular
  • fire starter bricks or balls (see “Other Tips” below)
  • large emergency blanket (can also be used for shelter)
  • two large trash bags (can be used for CITO, as an emergency poncho, or for water collection.)
  • insect repellent with Deet (“Off! Deep Woods for Sportsman” is the best we’ve found, but use sparingly on small children. Wipes are also available and are very convenient.)
  • bathroom tissue
  • water purification tablets
  • Popeil Pocket Fisherman!

What is the Geocachers' Creed?

The Geocacher's Creed (also known as the Geocachers' Code of Ethics) is a voluntary set of guidelines that describes how geocachers in general should act. The Geocachers' Creed is designed to help orient new players to the ethos of the geocaching community and to guide experienced players in questionable situations. The intent is to make geocaching more enjoyable to everyone!

You can read the Geocachers' Creed, download brochures, and get information about how the Creed was developed at this link.

How do I adopt a cache?

(The following information was provided by an official cache approver.)

If you desire to adopt an abandoned cache, the first step is to contact the owner and ask to adopt it. If they wish to let this happen, the owner must go to and enter the cache ID and new owner's name to complete the adoption. A reviewer does not need to be involved in an adoption.

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