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Thread: Ticks & Chiggers

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    I was listening to the Podcacher podcast yesterday and a cacher mentioned that they carry a lint roller to get ticks off of them. Makes perfect sense.

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    I had a friend from Colorado come down to Ar for a week and accompany me to geowoodstock. He's back home now, but still whining about the ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes
    yes, we add a star of difficulty to all our caches in the warm months down here

    the permanone tip was the best tip i ever rec'd when i moved to AR 2 yrs ago. (thanks Rhone). I have had a pair of hiking pants treated for 2 yrs now and they still work great.

    As for chiggers, my dad always said the way to get rid of chiggers was to
    scratch 'em till they bleed, scab over, and smother to death. LOL

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    I've noticed that i usually get into the seed ticks in the middle of August. I usually carry an icepick to stab them with.

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    Tick and chigger repel that works!

    The product is called REPEL Permananone
    It is for clothing and gear. This is not for skin but for your clothes!
    My son took up Airsoft games where you play in the woods and his first trip infected him with what seemed like thousands of ticks!

    The next time we had applied this product to everything he wore, pants, jacket, t-shirt, boots, underwear, etc. You spray it on previous to getting outdoors and let it dry. we did it the night before him going.

    He came home the next week, from the same place with ZERO ticks or chiggers!!!!
    I found this in the Walmart camping isle with the regular misquito repelant. Blue top and copper bottom color scheme

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