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Since you people deal with satellites, would you mind asking around? I have a question.

On the island of Malta, north of Africa, there is a place called Anchor Bay. It's where the Popeye movie was filmed. It's in the thin "neck" of Malta, the little triangular notch. I have looked on the Net and looked on the Net, but can't find any place with satellite images clear enough to show the buildings there. I need an "ortho" image, which is to say one flat like a map, corrected for perspective. If I can find one with a size reference, I'd like someday to try and make a paper model of "Sweethaven", the town in the movie. FWIW there is a geocache near it, I wrote down the coords as N35-57.636 by E014-20.521 . "Terraserver" type data is what I am looking for but "Terra" server seems to think the USA is all there is to the world.

Weird to use Terraserver and see your own house with your own car parked out in front. Even weirder to know there is a cache in the Braden Park across the street and about 100 feet up the road from me.

Dwayne Horton
Wilmore KY 40390