The bylaws have passed. Thank you for voting! Final results:

FOR - 54 (92%)
AGAINST - 5 (8%)

We also present your new Board of Directors:

Poppy (Max Slaughter)
topkitty98 (Beth Daniel)
Gaddiel (Wayne Lunsford)
ArkansasStickerDude (Gunner Wright)
LongDogs (Bert Drake)

Nominations are now open for the remaining FOUR Board positions. In accordance with the bylaws, in addition to the slate of candidates offered by the Board, Active members may submit nominations for Board positions. All Voting members of ArkGeo who have been a member of ArkGeo for a minimum of one year will be eligible to run for a Board position. If an individual is nominated by two or more active members and if willing, such individual will be considered a candidate for a Board position. Nominations will be finalized at least one month prior to each election. A list of candidates shall be emailed to Voting members and published on the web site prior to the election.

Nominations for this election will remain open for thirty (30) days. Please send your nominations to any Board member via a private message.

Voting members will be notified via email at least two weeks prior to the vote. Voting will take place on the ArkGeo website, and will remain open for a period of thirty (30) days. All Voting members will have one (1) vote for each available Board position. In this case there are four Board positions available, so each Voting member will receive four votes. Duplicate votes for the same candidate by a member will discarded. Election to the Board will be determined by the four candidate receiving the most total votes. In the event of a tie, the Board of Directors will serve as tiebreaker.

Board of Directors
Arkansas Geocachers Association