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Thread: Geocaching, Baghdad style!

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    Geocaching, Baghdad style!

    Currently deployed from Little Rock AFB to Sather Air Base, Baghdad, Iraq. I arrived a few weeks ago. I knew there were caches here, having found them on Halfway over the Atlantic, I realized I had forgotten to pack my GPSr. Arrrrrgh! Upon arriving here, I met the guy I was replacing, Ian, and was getting the grand tour of the office, when I spot on his desk, a Garmin rino 120. I say, "Ah, good, you have a GPS unit." He had a funny look on his face, and said "It belongs to the squadron, why?". I said "Have you ever heard of geocaching?" He said, "yes, I just started while here...". 6,958 miles from home and the first person I meet is a fellow cacher. It is a small world. Flash forward a couple of weeks, Ian has gone back home and I have one of my buddies with me on the other side of the base next to the perimeter fence. As I am explaining to him that the Army troops report get sniped at occasionally at this location, he asks "...and why are we here again?" "Because," I say, "there is a cache right...there!" (GCXVCX) Geocaching, Baghdad style!

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    could be stressful! I wonder if people put explosives in "geocaches" for the hell of it over there? I hope you cache safe! I have a buddy over there somewhere He's scheduled to come home in the next few weeks. Since, I may never leave this country, you shuld take some pictures of some rather unique caches if you find them. Take it easy!


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    We met KEVNJENN at our Searcy's First Every Meet and Greet and we are so glad that he made it back to the Good Ole USA safely.

    I wish I had seen this thread and had seen his Meet and Greet Event page before our event. I would have liked to have given him a great big hand shake and a Thank You for his service. (I did shake his hand when I met him but I did not know his history at the time.)

    If anyone has not seen the Event he hosted in Baghdad, go to GC11DYA.

    His Event at the Hero's Cache hidden at the site of the Death of our first MEDAL OF HONOR recipient in the war on terrorism, SFC Paul R Smith, and the pictures he posted should be viewed by all.

    Thank you Captain.

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