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Thread: The Mystery of the Missing Cache

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    The Mystery of the Missing Cache

    On our way back home from Springfield, at Christmas Time we stopped at the roadside park where ORR has a cache hidden. A Different Point of View. We had already found the cache, but since we were stopped there, I decided to check on his cache for him.

    I knew where the cache was suppose to be, but it was not there. I then widen my search looking in every available space for an ammo can. The cache was simply not there. I thought he might have archived it.
    When we got home I posted a note on the cache page telling ORR his cache was missing.

    He disabled it until he could check it out. When he had time he went and checked on his cache taking another to replace it. When he checked on his cache, There It Was.

    Now, ORR has travelled several miles to check on a cache that was reported missing. I know he must have thought the "CacheMates" couldn't find that!! They need a new hobby. Maybe Golf!! No they would be to dangerous doing that.

    Thankfully, ORR decided to read some of the logs. This is what happened to the Mystery Cache. It seems some muggles found the cache and didn't know what it was at the time.
    They took it with them to Branson on Christmas Vacation. While they were there they learn what geocaching was and realized they had moved a geocache.

    On their way home they brought the cache back and placed it back where they had found it. This proves to me, not all muggles are bad.
    We just happen to have stopped by the rest area while the cache was in Branson. I sure am glad Old River Runner read that log book. I would still be wondering how I missed that Ammo Can...

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    That's hilarious. I've had one DNF where another cacher had removed it to someplace nearby while they went through the cache and signed the log out of sight from the posted location to avoid muggles (and thought I was one so didn't put he cache back while I was there.) I found out when I went to post the DNF and saw their log on-line.


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    Good indeed. We hurriedly replaced a box recently because someone was coming. I sent the kids one way and I went the other to not draw interest to where the hide was. We got back on the trail, said hello and watched as they headed strait to the cache anyway. They had been there before.

    Then on our next stop passed the same folks again as we were leaving glory hole some 20 miles away. Too funny.
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