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Thread: bison? can

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    bison? can

    Did one of the C4 graveyard caches yesterday. Had no idea what a bison can was. What are those for? Looked like a little pill bottle.

    That kinda adds to the challenge when you have no idea how big it is. My GPS was about 20 feet off but we managed
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    A bison tube is a small, metal, water-tight cylindrical container that can be used for micro-caches. These containers are usually small enough to fit on a keychain, and were originally designed to hold pills. The name is derived from the company which manufactures most of these types of tubes. Bison Designs is a good web site to see and buy a bison tube.

    Got me the first time too. I was looking for a small buffalo at the cache site. :-O

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    Ebay has a lot also here is the link ... PSQ3aFSRCH
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