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Thread: New Member Here!

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    cachemates Guest
    Here is picture of a Jeep on a trail in Colorado. Now this is Serious Jeeping. Thought you Jeep owners would appreicate this one.
    Thanks Gaddiel for your help. Hope this works.

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    nettybug Guest
    Welcome here! It's good you both do something you love together too!

    Is this Jeep image real?

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    Geezer_Veazey Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nettybug
    Is this Jeep image real?
    It looks like a real image to me. As a matter of fact, it looks like two real images.

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    cachemates Guest
    When I posted the jeep picture I thought it was the real thing, but I know Geezer Veazey knows a thing or two about photography. Here is the website where I found it. You can decide for yourself if it is the real thing or trick photography.
    Click on "More Articles" then on Blackbear Road.
    Either way it is not a road I would want to take. Maybe SJClimber has been on this road. It is from his neck of the woods.

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    May 2004
    Boy that site has some pretty interesting reading. Check out the story about the hummer saving his family's life.

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    Geezer_Veazey Guest
    Thanks for the link, Cachemates. No doubt about the road being narrow but I've still got my doubts about it being a ligitimate picture based on the "right mind" approach and the fact that it's from an advertisment. If I'm wrong, it won't be the last time.


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