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Thread: GSAK settings

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    GSAK settings

    Yesterday at the Paris Event there was some discussion about waypoint and cache names being exported. I cannot say if this will work on a Magellan but a Garmin does it just fine.

    Above is our settings for sending waypoints straight to GPSr from GSAK.

    Above are settings that we use for export to Mapsource.

    This shows the type of cache, the size container, the difficulty, and terrain on the waypoint name.

    Additionally it shows the hint, if there is one, in the long description box starting with ( The hint ends with ). So a cache showing ( ) has no hint. A cache with (Look in a hole in the tr, and no close ), has been truncated due to length. You might need to resort to the pda on this one. If there is no hint or the hint is short you may see the smartname of the cache, then if room the name of the hider.
    Example: XYXY+TMA2

    XYXY is the waypoint name with the GC dropped. This can be up to 5 digits.

    + means T/B in in the cache space means no T/B reported

    The 1st character after + or space represents the type of cache T= Traditional Y=Mystery M=Multi V=Virtual E=Earthcache and maybe A=APE
    The 2nd character after + or space represents the type of container R=Regular S=Small M=Micro U=Unknown
    The third character after + or space represents the difficulty: 1=1 a=1.5 2=2 b=2.5 3=3 c=3.5 4=4 d=4.5
    The final character represents the terrain: 1=1 a=1.5 2=2 b=2.5 3=3 c=3.5 4=4 d=4.5

    In the above example, XYXY+TMA2
    GCXYXY reports a T/B. The cache is a traditional micro 1.5 difficulty 2 terrain

    On a 60 series Garmin GPSr.

    If you do a find> geocache> and select a cache press enter> the description now shows the decoded clue encased in parentheses. Nothing in the parentheses means no clue. If there is an open parentheses but no close the clue is to long for the space in the GPSr and you might need to look at the PDA. If the clue is short you might see the smartname of the cache then the name of the hider. If you want a better explanation you can learn loads about this in GSAK> help> contents> special tags.

    Happy Caching......poppy
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    I like your setup and changed mine with a few personal modifications.

    I like having the hint on the Notes page, but I don't want to see it on the Go To page. so I'm not going to use that part. I tried going through the various Garmin menus, but I couldn't find a way to drop the note off the Go To page.

    Thanks for info.
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    I only recently started using GSAK and have not had a lot of time to learn how to use all of the features yet but I love it so far. It has saved me a ton of time. It looks like you have a great setup. I need to find the time to learn how to use it properly.

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