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    how do you like it.......

    Maybe it's a post thats already covered maybe not....I think the biggest deal in geocacheing is that you can do you like it...I and a few friends will pick a half to a mile hike into the woods in desolate terrain to find an ammo can over a drive up; stumble around in the parking lot looking for a pencil eraser sized micro every day of the week, and about 9 times on Sunday..... The city cache just doesn't give me what I want compared to a "country" walk-about cache does, but thats why they make both so we "all" can enjoy the game in the way that we want to. The people that I go with when we get to travel together are of course the same mindset as me. But that does not mean that the person that loves the micro in the middle of town is any less of a just means that we have to travel to a different place to enjoy the same sport...After all the laws are written and amended....after everyone is done telling you the best cache....after they all say this is the gps to have...the best part is just playing the game and everyone enjoys it in a different sense...which to me makes it a greater game...not just one demographic...."anyone" and I repeat "anyone" can find something to love in this game... not the words of saints and scholars...just the words from the bat...

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    When we first started Geocaching there wasn't nearly as many caches in our area ( Including Hot Springs ) as there is now. Our first cache was a plastic Gallon Jar with nothing but junk inside, But I loved looking for that thing.
    It didn't take very long untill we had all the caches in this area found. (Yea, We had found both of them Ha ) If we wanted to hunt for caches (Ammo Cans at this time) we had to drive farther from home. We had found all of them around Hot Springs, Mt Ida, Jessieville, Prescott, We didn't find any that was on an Island. No Boat.
    One day we decided to go to the Dardanelle-Russellville area. Our first cache was a Micro hidden on an Army Cannon. We looked that thing over from top to bottom and found nothing.
    We met HROFand Bike there, and he was having the same experience as we were. We DNF our first Micro. It can be a huge step from an ammo can to a small micro. We wasn't sure micro hunting was for us, but we just kept looking for them, and now I have to say, I like hunting for a small micro.
    There are just so many ways you can hide an Ammo Can. With a Micro you can be much more creative. We have had some great fun looking for a simple Film Can. "Cousin Eddie" comes to mind.
    I don't especially like the ones on a busy street corner, but I will still hunt for them. That's my job, That's what I do, I'm a Geocacher.
    My favorite Geocache has been from the beginning one that takes me out in the woods along a trail with a wonderful scenic view at the end. Arkansas has some very scenic areas to visit. The Ozarks have a lot to offer.
    We have had many enjoyable days in the Dardanelle, Russellville, Clarksville, Searcy area looking for Geocaches from ammo cans, to micro's so hard to find it will cause High Blood Pressure.
    Like you said Geocaching has something for everyone.
    Micro's and Ammo Cans We like them all.
    Keep Em Coming.

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    Gimme a choice and we too are out in the woods. So many places we heard about and never found, now we have coords and cache to find also. Tooo good!

    We travel often. My wife's folks live 400 miles away. Stopping to find a cache so beats the old break routine of wandering thru a walmart. Quickies are great for this. Whenever we go to a different place, we try to bring some cache sheets with us. Father-in-law says, "you're going to look for another one????" Oughta get him to come along I guess.

    In the last 6 months since I have been looking many more have been placed, but Clinton area is still a bit sparse. Been talking to some property holders and hope to get more out there soon.
    Got peace like a river!

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