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Thread: hard caches??

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    hard caches??

    just out of curiousity, we would like to hear about the hardest caches
    found without using the phone-a-friend option or hints before searching?I know we've had quite a few ourselves.

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    I know you said found but the only one to really stump us so far is the "A Firey Hot Cache by LFarit (GCYM4D)" in Lake Charles LA. The coords were wrong. I usually do not read logs until I look the first time. The logs for this one said it would, and did, lead us to the middle of a soccer field. Went back, read the logs and learned some transposing numbers was neccesary along with following hints. With an impatiant 6 year old we did not persist.

    Mostly have done the more remote and not many micros. The kids love digging through even though we rarely trade. Often follow the signs or see something not natural that hints us along if the readings are slow or not dead on. We have only found about 30, not all logged, but do not go that often. I have noticed Clinton area is kinda dry and think we will add to the Hwy 65 series.
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