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Thread: How Did You Choose Your Username?

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    "I planned a trip like Clark Griswold. "
    Where does YOUR dog ride?
    Got peace like a river!

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    We start caching in the natural state.

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    the IceToad Hisself

    The username has undergone some changes over the years.

    in 1970somethin I was on a hockey team in Michigan. Not a school team, more of a you pay out the nose to get to play team. We were the first American team invited to a yearly tournament in bells falls, ontario. It was a double elimination tournament and we had lost the first game but fought back in the losers bracket to the finals. We won the first game, which meant next game would decide the champs.

    The night before the last game we were sitting outside the hotel drinking beer and ogling the cuties. (the drinking age back then was 16 in Canada.) It was a warm evening and there were all these tiny brown toads in the grass around the pool I scooped up a couple of handfulls and put them in a pizza box. The next morning I decided to take them to the rink for luck.

    After the first period we were down 3 zip and it didn't look good at all. They were beating the living daylights out of us and the ref was letting a lot of stuff go. I got into 2 fights and spent just about the entire second period in the penalty box. I was getting beat up by guys a lot bigger than me, but in between penalties was able to score and assist on another. 3-2 after 2.

    Just before the third period I decided I needed a little more luck, so I grabbed some of the toads and stuffed them inside my shoulderpads and forgot all about them.

    We soon tied the game and spent the rest of the period trying to keep from being hospitalized by these guys. There was about a minute left in the game and the other teams goalie smacked the back of my leg with his stick. That hurt. That hurt a lot. I spun around, reached into my shoulder pad and pulled out a couple of toads. When I threw them at him, one must have gotten into his facecage cause he freaked out and came at me.

    Just as he left his goal, my best friend Brian fired one from the point. It hit me on my backside then trickled into the goal.

    The headline in the local newspaper the next day was, "Toad Scores Game Winning Goal."

    Later, in the army i was called horny toad. After the army i got back into playing hockey again and it became IceToad. The Hisself part got added by a friend of mine in Mississippi.

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    Seems like this thread just keeps coming back to life......

    I chose my name because of my other passion in life....storm chasing, or wind stalking, and of course since I'm from Arkansas, ARWindstalker was born. After signing hundreds of logs I wish I had chosen something like B!! Sometimes I guess I can get away with ARW but I just usually end up signing it all....oh well.
    Just gotta get one more!!

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    I started using the Username of SEARCYKID about 5 years ago when I tried to sign up with EBAY and had tried about 7 or 8 other log in names without success and finally tried the name SEARCY which also came back "already taken".
    I had just bought my first computer shortly before this and had been pestering one of my younger co-workers trying to learn all I could about this new fangled contraption when he finallly said, "Your are like a KID with a new toy."

    So I was the searcy kid with a new toy, although I was 65 years old.

    So I added the KID to SEARCY as a kind of joke and it was accepted. I've used the Username of SEARCYKID for most of my log ins ever since and have never gotten a "aleardy taken" notification.

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    I came up with my name while I was still in the AF. My original AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) ie: career field was 491X1 Communications Computer Systems. Later it was changed to 3C0X1. I added the Phantom because it sounded cool. then I came up with the Kilroy was here for my avatar. Add it all together and you have Phantom 491.

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    My user name originated from an event six years ago. I was conducting some geological work for an oil company in South America. Word came down the pipeline that there were anti-government forces in the area and we had to be careful as they were probably monitoring our communications. One night while everyone in camp was asleep..........I'm so full of it! It was my college ID.

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    dang stu don't get us all sitting on the edge of our seat and then stop......I thought a huge horde of wild Ft Chaffee ticks invaded your camp....ha ha, oh no the Chaffee thread has bled over into the Username thread, ha ha!!


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