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Thread: Why Did You Start Geocaching?

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    kevnjenn Guest

    Family Fun

    First post. I saw an article in the Air Force Times newspaper about Geocaching. I was kind of looking for something to do with the kids, and it sounded interesting. I logged onto and got even more interested. My family and I were planning on going home to Missouri that weekend (Thanksgiving), and so I checked the maps on, and surprisingly, there was a cache just a couple of miles from my parents house, which is out in the sticks in SE Missouri. On Thanksgiving Day, after stuffing ourselves silly, Jenn and I told the rest of the family what we were going to do, and my brother and sister and their spouses asked to join us. It was a lot of fun, THE BIG POND, in Bloomfield, MO. Beautiful little area. I was hooked. The next day I took our two older kids and found two more in the area. Since then we have done a few around Cabot, and I plan to do some more over the Christmas holidays. It really is a good family hobby, always just enough adventure and fun for everyone.


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    Paris, Arkansas
    My wife (ddkds) and I started geocaching earlier this year.

    I had never heard of geocaching before March of 2006.

    The lodge was about to open at Mount Magazine State park (which is near where I live) and I was looking at their web site to see what kind of activities they had there. I saw a link that was titled "Geocaching". My first thought was of geology and thought surely they were not allowing people to dig in the rocks on Mt. Magazine . I clicked on the link and soon began to read all about geocaching.

    I thought I had an idea what it was all about and just had to call my wife at work and tell her about it. She then went to the web site and read all about it too and said it sounded like fun.

    Before geocaching we really never had anything that we were both interested in. We had begun walking more at the beginning of the year and were trying to eat right to get our body weight where it should be. We thought walking some trails and looking for caches would be a great thing to do as a couple and at times as a family.

    We bought a GPS (Garmin etrex Legend) and began planning on going geocaching one day.

    On April 13th, 2006 we went for our first day of geocaching. My wife and I had worked all day the day before doing some work cleaning out our storage building and decided to treat ourselves to a day away with each other and trying out geocaching.

    We were hooked. Since we have begun we have gone places we would have never gone and done things we would have never done. My wife has a fear of heights but she has gone with me to find caches in some places that required her to battle her fear, and she did. I took photos of her at Stout's Point on Petit Jean and at Way Up on the Mountain on Mt. Magazine that would have never happened if it weren’t for geocaching.

    I haven't even mentioned the many great geocachers we have already met. I could tell a story for each and every one.

    My wife and I have now cached in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

    We look forward to what the New Year brings us in geocaching. In January we will be hosting our first event (This 1Time in Paris...). We look forward to meeting even more great people in the caching community. We will also be traveling to more states and hope to cache there too.

    Needless to say we love geocaching.


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    jacksonb Guest
    I found out about geocaching completely by accident. I attended a Paragould City Council in April 2006 for an issue related to my work. At the meeting, someone from Main Street Paragould talked about geocaching and how there was a cache hidden at the organization's office, an old caboose. It sounded interesting and I checked out the web site when I got home that night. I bought a GPS a few weeks later and went to look for that caboose cache. The rest is history.

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    hbmacom Guest
    I'm confused. Ifound this "cache" i guess and i'm not really sure what to do with it but i want to learn.... someone help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbmacom
    I'm confused. Ifound this "cache" i guess and i'm not really sure what to do with it but i want to learn.... someone help please
    Congratulations on finding a cache! Whether you found it by accident or not, I would just sign the log book that should be inside the cache and then replace the cache for the next person to find.

    If the cache was not hidden properly, I'm sure the owner would want to know about it. Where did you find this cache?

    By the way, welcome to our web site! If you want to learn more about geocaching, you can visit the official web site at or just ask your questions here. There are lots of helpful and knowledgeable folks on this site that would love to get you started!

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    My husband, jcluadii, was a Computer Science major at ATU. I was a Parks and Recreation major with an emphasis in Natural Resource Managment. We spend all of our spare time hiking, kayaking, camping, or jeepin' - and he spends any extra time playing with computers.

    So when we found out about geocaching, we had to give it a shot. I bought him a Garmin GPS for Christmas this year and the next weekend he was in the woods up around Hector trying it out. He came home that day with his first find under his belt and told me all about it. It sounded fun... I would get to hike and play in the woods like I always do and hunt for treasures while I was out there.

    The following weekend, we went up above Dover and I got my first find at Ties That Bind by Saddlebags. Well, needless to say, I was hooked. We have been caching together every weekend since.
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    RugerPilot345 Guest
    It's kinda funny.....I have lived in Arkansas most of my life and have been Geocaching for almost a year but have no Arkansas finds, how can this be you may ask, yes I still live in Arkansas (temporarily the desert of the Middle East).

    Hmmmmm I was in the military stationed at Camp Shelby, MS preparing to deploy overseas and had a weekend off and was bored.....I had been surfing the web some and had bumped into the Geocaching website and it sounded right up my I headed out and WOW another person hooked on geocaching, and that is why I only have finds in MS, AL and Kuwait.

    I am so ready to get home and get back to my friends and family and start knocking down the Arkansas Caches as I tour around our beautiful there you have it!!


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    HikerRon Guest
    i saw an article on geocaching in Backpacker Magazine, got online , punched in my zip code, and there were 5 caches within 2 miles of my house! since already had a GPSr, i headed out. of course once i found one, i was hooked. that was back in sept 2003. it's an amazing hobby.

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    icetoad Guest

    I don't remember where I heard about geocaching.

    It was last summer when I first heard about geocaching. Didn't have a device, couldn't convince ma I needed one and didn't want the argument. I searched and found the website and used google to see where the caches were in Benton. I was supposed to be getting more exercise after they stuck hoseclamps in my chest. There's a cache in a park here and officially I was walking for exercise, but really was trying to figure out where the cache was. A couple came by and they were lookin for the same cache. Seeing the gps device I struck up a conversation about geocaching and pretended to know what I was talking about.

    We put our heads together and they found the cache after I reminded them of the clue. I guess that might have been my first find, but I figured I cheated by using google earth. (if that's cheating, i'm really cheating now, mapquest, google, google earth, yahoo maps, delorme's topo software, garmin's mapsource, I'll use anything now. I honestly didn't realize how bad my eyes have gotten over the years.)

    Fastforward to last weekend. My wife was in a workshop learning about search and rescue, and day 1 dealt a lot with compasses and maps. I needed no more excuse to buy her a present and figure it out right away so I can help her learn how to use it. (C'mon fellas, back me up on this. Don't tell my you've never justified like that.) A belated valentines gift, much more useful than that stupid giant teddy bear in her back seat. Found my first cache last Sunday and now I'm hooked. She got more important things to deal with right now, but I think she'll jump in pretty soon.

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    chibongo Guest
    I am a teacher. One day, while standing in the hallway for the change of classes, the teacher next door came over and started describing her new hobby. I stood there in silence as she explained all about Geocaching. When she finished, she said "You must think I'm the biggest geek." I told her that I was just thinking about when my first break would be that would give me the opportunity to look this up.

    She made a map for me showing me where to find an easy cache. I didn't have a GPSr yet so I had to search quite a while. After that, I was hooked! I went immediately to the store to purchase my first GPSr. It has been an obsession ever since!!

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