First off I have to say that I don't live in Arkansas, I live in Colorado and I came here hoping to find some geocachers to try my game. I hope it is ok to talk about other sites as long as they are non-profit.

I spent most of my free time during the past few months writing a game that lets you access and play geocaches, scavenger hunts, etc through your cell phone or other mobile device. You can check it out here:

It is totally free and I am not making any money off of it, I don't even have any ads up. It is basically something I did to test out the technology and to put on my resume and my companies resume. Since I spent so much time on it I would really like people to try it out and tell me what they think of it.

Here is what it adds to geocaching :
- You can search for a game or cache from your phone, so if you are not at your PC and feel like playing, you can find a cache you like and download it straight to your phone. No need to write anything down or print anything out.

- It automatically logs your stats on our servers when you find the cache or solve the game. We can then calculate your score immediately and you can see how you compare to other players.

- You can see how many people have downloaded and completed your caches/games on our website.

What we really need is for people to create caches or games for other users. So much so in fact, that I am donating $5 dollars to charity for each cache/game a user creates. You can find out more about this here:

To create caches/games you don't need anything special. To play the caches/games you will need a cellphone that has web access. In addition to the mobile web client I also wrote a Java client you can use as well, but it is totally optional.

That is pretty much it. I want to get some feedback and see the game used. Do you guys have any thoughts on it or want to give it a try?

If my post bored you, here is a cute baby squirrel: