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Thread: Important participation!

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    Important participation!

    I received a phone call from the Director of the Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Department this morning. He is a member of the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Association and he is hosting a meeting of the association on February 28th starting at 1:00 PM. He wanted to know if I could lead some Geocaching activities for the association members! About 20 or so will be attending.

    This seems like a most excellent contact event! What else could you ask for in a group of geocachers other than the park department heads from around the state?

    I would like some help with this. The first step will be to gather some examples of some activities and email them to him. I mentioned on the phone a couple of ideas I have seen online. Having a small child I have missed most of the activities at the meetings I have been to so I am little behind.

    If February 28th is open for the steering committee members to attend, that would be great!


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    Sounds like great fun, let us know!

    yes, a committee member


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    Waaaaaaay off the topic, but that was my 200th post and I got another star! woo hoo!

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    What a great opportunity! I'd love to be there! Calendar is marked...
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    OK, so back to my original plea of help! what kind of activities would be good for a group of 20 or so professionals who are in charge of granting permission to geocachers?

    Groundspeak makes money on team building stuff. Is something along these lines appropriate in this situation? Has anyone been involved in one of these activities? Googling turns up several mentions of scanenger hunts in these corporate activities.

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    Ed had some good games at the Alabama meet Arkansas event. The blindfolded event was fun. Put a navigator with a gps in the middle of a circle of blindfolded people with all the people facing out. Give out some coords for a cache and watch the fun.

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    SWEET COUNT me in. I did some stuff with the boy scouts and we hid 5 or 6 caches in different sizes and let them find them. If there is anything I can do please call me 479-461-9295 .
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    I would do a brief intro to GPS, explain how the system works.

    Then I would explain the relationship geocaching has with landowners, talk about the various permit systems, mention some landowner's who have had good experiences with geocaching.

    Have loaner GPSrs available, at leat one for every two attendees.

    Make a paper handout folder for each attendee. Have a printout of the Groundspeak Cache Listing Guidelines and say 10 local cache listings. Maybe a printout of some of the CITO events that have happened.

    Offer to host a CITO in their park!

    Tell them where these caches are, describe the access and any environmental issues. Provide contact info for the permission giver if any.

    This will give them a warm fuzzy that they know what we're doing and are legit.

    Do a GPS accuracy game; Choose a spot - a small stone, a flower, any unobtrusive and un-noticeable spot in an open area. Mark this as a waypoint (get coordinates). At the event give attendees the coordinate and show them how to enter them into the GPSrs. Give each a numbered stick or flag and ask them to place it where the coords take them.

    This will show them how a GPS works and how geocachers use them. It will also show how accurate GPS location is. To us a 30-40' spread is terrible, to newbies being able to navigate to that degree of accuracy is amazing!

    Then play a game where everyone finds a stocked traditional that they can keep and hide in their park.

    Hide one for every park representative. Give the coords out at random. Give each seeker an FRS/GMRS radio. One guy has a GPS and stays at the starting point; he has to guide the group to the cache by radio command. Repeat until everyone has a cache to take back to their park.

    The person with the GPS can walk back and forth along a line and see how the directional arrow points toward the cache, giving them some insight into triangulation.

    Yep, it will take some work, and some borrowed equipment, but you'll end up with park representatives who feel good about geocaching and return ready to get the ball rolling in their park!

    Hope that helps.

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    What a fantastic opportunity. It sounds like Ed had some great ideas. If you need an extra GPSr, I have a 60CS that you are welcome to borrow. Also, if I can help in any other way, just let me know.

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    Hey Tech_Guy,

    I took all the available Power Point presentaions I could find and made one that we presented to the local Boy Scouts. If you want it I will email it to you....poppy
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