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Thread: Missing TB's

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    Missing TB's

    It seems as though everyone who stops by our Altus TB Stop to exchange TB's comes up with a different number in the cache. Just going to drop this out there on this and geocaching web page. We have had to many TB's disappear from this cache and we are thinking of taking it down. Before we do we want to here from the public on the matter.
    Please tell us why we should or shouldn't take it down.

    For those who have found this one before it is by the fence line just north of it's old resting place for now.

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    I would leave it and just take out the tb stop Mbell and I found it over the weekend and there was only 1 bug in it. Log to come.
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    I would let it stay. Travel bugs disappear from caches everywhere. If there are T/Bs there I will stop and swap.....poppy
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