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Thread: gk 38 caches to be archived and moved in Sept.

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    gk 38 caches to be archived and moved in Sept.

    Last year we archived and moved a number of caches ; this year we plan to move almost all of them. If there are some out there you wish to go for do it soon. We will be refurbishing contents, new items , new log, new names, etc.. After so long a time ghost trails develop , caches become stale , damp, musty , etc.. Some of ours are long in the tooth . Mountainborn obtained 10 , 50 cal ammo cans and we will add these . After placing over 100 caches we have found that almost anything other than ammo cans gradually become cache trash...there are exceptions.
    We will have a bunch of event caches placed for the October event..mountainborn and cachemates are REALLY creative.
    We deeply appreciate the nice comments from you regarding our caches . Although we may place a few micros in the future , as always , the bulk will be ' regular ' , i.e. ammo cans. We believe Arkansas has more quality caches out there than any other state and we aims to keep up the standard so many of you have set.

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    Hopefully I'll get to snag a few before they disappear. I haven't been making any effort to do any caching on that end of the lake since the Oct. event is supposed to be there. But if you're going to put out new ones... maybe i can talk somebody into going out to get chiggers with me.

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    Fortunately, we'll be in L.R. in August and pick up a few of these. Unfortunately we won't get nearly enough of them!
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    I hate to see them go with so many still unfound. Do you know how long it will be before you arcive them?

    I will go after the Lake Ouachita caches soon because I live in the area. If you want to hook up for a caching event to go after those let me know.

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