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Thread: wish me luck

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    HikerRon Guest

    wish me luck

    i'm heading back to colorado for a visit the first week of august and during the visit i'm teaming up with friend,cacher and premier benchmark-hunter
    '2/3 Marine' for a day of benchmarking. he has a 'run' lined up for us northeast of Salida which has 55 benchmarks along one county road!
    i know we will never find ALL of them, but the last time we went out, we bagged 30. so we will try to break our daily-find record.
    now all i have to do is figure out if there are some caches along that route too

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    nonnipoppy Guest
    Hey HikerRon,

    If you get bored you might venture down into the San Juans around Lake City and find some Arkansan cacher placed caches..and good luck on those benchmarks...poppy

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    HikerRon Guest
    my BM run in Colorado with 2/3 Marine was VERY successful. we found 48 of the 55 BMs we searched for. we had to use metal detector and shovel twice. but most of them were easily spotted from the road. the disks were set in the top of concrete markers about a foot high. it was stop, jump out, photograph it, hop back in the car and drive another 1/2 mi to the next one.
    i was tired from just getting in and out of the truck 100 times
    we found some in the top of granite boulders...those were the fun ones to search for. most of the posted coords were close enough , although we posted new coords for a few. all in all, a fun day.

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