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Thread: GPS unit for use in Germany or Japan

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    GPS unit for use in Germany or Japan

    We have a friend who we just introduced to caching that is possibly going to be stationed in Germany or Japan. He would like to purchase a unit to use for caching but wants one that his wife can use to navigate around town. I assume but don't know that if he purchased either Garmin or Magellan and the Europe software that it would speak English to him for navigation and give him accurate streets navigation, but that if he wanted it to speak German or Japanese that it could be set to do that also.

    My question is:

    What gps and software is being used in foreign countries and what issues or problems might he want to consider before making his purchase?

    Please no Magellen or Garmin wars. I'm not interested in opinion on which is best just: I use a Magellan and it does this and this but I have trouble here, here and here or it will do this but not this. Same for Garmin.

    Thanks so much for all help on this.

    (Surprisingly: I asked this on groundspeak forum and still have not received a single response, maybe someone here can help me.)
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    Garmin has software for europe. (I suspect Japan also. When you turn on the 60c/s initially you have a map of Taiwan). Occasionally, you can find products (on the net) compatable with one or the other manufacturer. There is a great independent product for Baja that works on the Garmin machines. Also, if one has a PDA or smartphone equipted with a GPS, MS Streets & Trips has downloadable maps for numerous European regions/cities for free. I've looked at a number of the MS downloads of familiar cities in Europe and they are dead on.
    I cannot answer the language question. The MS maps are labeled in the language of the country which makes sense.
    Don't know if this helps any???

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    Look up npukuspu and email him. He travels overseas several times a year. He took our Robins Star TB to the Netherlands.

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