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Thread: Their back!!!

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    We got one last week. (Granite Peak WY) Haven't had time to place it yet. I wanted to place it in a new cache but it has been to hot for me to get it ready. Thought about placing it in mountainborn's Stogie cache which is on an Island, but that might be to easy. I may place it in flannelman's Man What a Climb. That is no park and grab cache. I will place it soon.

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    Strider869 and I got ours on Monday but we left for Alaska on Thursday. I promise not to leave it here.

    As soon as I get back next Thursday, it will appear in a cache in Cabot.

    Love from Alaska.

    The Pixie with an Attitude!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyEngineer
    Strider869 and I got ours on Monday but we left for Alaska on Thursday. Love from Alaska. LE
    Alaska???? Could you bring us some ice and water back?

    Got me a Jeep today. The doors don’t open and it is out of gas, not like last year‘s model where you pulled it backwards to wind a spring. Bummer. I guess I will just drop it off somewhere.
    PS: I think a Jeep-moticon would be nice. You just drop it in like an E-moticon and instead of saying wink or smile it would say "I'm outa here"
    Any way, just dropped in to say I got a Jeep and >insert Jeepicon here > I'm outa here
    Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.

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    Re: I got one!

    Quote Originally Posted by paris1time
    I received one of the 2006 Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs ("Locke Mountain (CO)" Green Jeep Travel Bug REF#: TB131RT) in the mail Monday morning. I have been working all week and I have not had a chance to place it in a cache yet. I plan on dropping it off in a cache in my area this weekend.

    I will post again when it is placed.

    Well, I didn't get to put out the Jeep TB like I wanted to this weekend. My father-in-law went into the hospital in Ft. Smith on Wednesday and I made trips there with the family all this weekend. I will probably make a special trip one day this next week to drop it off in a nearby cache. Probably one in Clarksville.


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    Filled out a request for one and dropped it in the mail on Monday, it was in my mailbox on Saturday. Getting ready to release it today!

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