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Thread: Cut and paste logs

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    Well, Nonnipoppy, you posted your message on the 27th and I came to Clarksville on the 28th to do the loop and cut and pasted quite a few. I did try to add something unique about each cache but it was usually a pretty short addition to the pasted text.

    I cut and pasted with this thinking.

    I look at the cache page as someone who is just reading one or two caches that I cut and pasted and not reading everyone of them. The caches were found on a caching trip and all of them share that trips uniqueness. They are part of a larger thing not a cache that I singled out to find. If someone is reading the cache that contains one of my logs, I don't know that they are reading every cache I did while on my trip. The owner knows I cut and pasted but the cache hunter may not. I feel like the logs are for the other cache hunters as well as the owner.

    This past week there have been a couple of cachers finding several caches I have hidden. One cacher would post "Number X of the day and having a good time" and the other poster would only post "TFTC". I ran across them today only by accident and they were truly having a good time. I'm glad they where and if they felt like logging was a necessary evil that had to be done and was no where as much fun as hunting and taunting each other all day, so be it. I'm glad I could add to their fun, even if they did not communicate to me how much fun they were having.

    Of course, I like it when someone posts a funny story like GolfNutz running off the road and leaving tracks that people comment about weeks later, but I personally don't have any negative feelings when someone cut and pastes. I actually like a cut and paste better than a four letter acronym.

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    As one a them dirty cut-n-pasters I intend no offense, nor do I seek to deprive cache owners of any reading pleasure, but I just don't have much to say about most caches.

    When I first started I wrote eloquent and, according to others, funny logs, then around 1000 finds started to cut-n-paste because most of my caching was in groups, and we tended to hit 50-100 in a trip. Logging all that was a pain, so then it was hit-and-misss whether I logged any, then around 2000 stopped logging altogether. Now I rarely cache alone and don't even keep track of the finds we make each day - couldn't log them if I wanted to, except for a few really memorable caches or interesting happenings along the trail.

    That's just what's comfortable for me, not a commentary on the cache or owner.

    As far as the owner deriving his enjoyment from the logs, I do that as well. I love to read the logs, but if someone fails to leave one it's no issue to me; I truly believe in the phrase "Play it your way!"

    Have fun out there!

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    I accidently found this log posted on "Oklahoma's Lamest Cache", thought everyone might get a kick out of this posting..........not a cookie cutter log. LOL

    I found this cache on a sweltering hot summer day (actually it was cloudy and kinda rainy). The choice of hide site
    itself was ingenious, as who else but Darkmoon could have been sensitive
    enough and intuitive enough -- indeed, enough of a poet and artisan -- to
    have realized that every lamppost in this parking lot needed a microcache in
    its base in order to achieve its highest order of spiritual and inner
    fulfillment in its time on earth? And who else but Darkmoon could have, and
    would have, been courageous enough to respond to the heartfelt cry of this
    lamppost for a microcache of its very own, and who else would have been
    strong enough and resourceful enough -- and creative enough -- to have found
    this magnificent 35mm film canister, and lovingly crafted it into a cache
    container, and then lovingly and religiously placed it in such a daring and
    scintillating spot, a spot so magical, so special, that my eyes fill with
    tears as I write this log entry, just as they did in that sacred and holy
    parking lot earlier this afternoon, whence and where those beneficent tears
    mixed with the sweat on my face on that hot summer afternoon, and then those
    sacred tears of joy and love streamed off my face and bathed the tiny paper
    logbook as I prepared to return it to its magical 35mm canister, its special
    chalice, then to return it lovingly to its special designated altar, its
    resting spot where it can lie nestled in safety, guarded by the noble tall
    cylindrical sentinel known generically to the heathens and the uninitiated
    as a "lamp post" but known to any true red-blooded and sincere geocacher as
    a "Sentinel of microcache guardianship with attendant beacon of
    yellowish-white light from GE 5169Y sodium vapor lamp at apex".

    And, after I had replaced the sacred vessel inside the sacred altar known as
    "Sentinel of microcache guardianship with attendant beacon of
    yellowish-white light from GE 5169Y sodium vapor lamp at apex", I fell to my
    knees, overcome with joy and awe, and I prayed to the Holy Lame Urban 35mm
    Microcache, thanking it for its beneficence, and thanking it for its
    blessing, and then, further overcome by its magnificence and by my
    comparative shallowness and banality and unworthiness, not to mention my
    sins, I cast my torso upon the hot scorching pavement, wailing and crying
    and screaming, and flailing my fists against the hot unyielding pavement,
    now covered with the blood of my righteous and wrathful self-directed fury,
    at the injustice that one so unworthy as I should have dared to have touched
    a sacred Lame Urban Micro 35mm Film Canister, and with the thought that I
    had -- without the requisite 22 hours of prior cleansing and fasting -- also
    dared to approach its sacred altar, known as a "Sentinel of microcache
    guardianship with attendant beacon of yellowish-white light from GE 5169Y
    sodium vapor lamp at apex", in the first place. And, so finally, my homage
    to the sacred cache was complete, and satiated and bloody, yet filled with
    bliss and joy at this exposure to The Sacred and The Holy, I returned to my
    car. Signed logbook with tears and blood, took nothing, left five $100 bills
    as a small token of my offering to this cache and to the Lame Urban micro
    35mm Film Canister Cache Gods. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
    this wonderful cache and religious icon, and for this chance to once again
    worship the Demigod of Lame Urban 35mm Microcaches. Thank you Darkmoon!

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    I have actually decided to take up writing short stories again. Something i quit doing about 15 years ago. I was thinking the other day that just for fun I would use my logs on all my finds for practice if I have the time. I hope I don't bore anyone with them, I will keep them short.

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