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Thread: Cut and paste logs

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    I think you have to really look deep inside on what you are looking for in a log. If you are putting caches out and the reason is to see how many creative logs people will give you, then I relate that to volunteer work. If you are doing volunteer work for inner peace and happiness or if you are doing volunteer work to gain public thanks from others. I think you should look inside for your reason for geocaching.......if you want more from your log entries then maybe you shouild put in your write-up that you want meaningful log entries and if the searcher does not have time to write one then please do not search for my real, come on folks enjoy the sport, enjoy the hobby.....let it be what it will be, let's not make this great sport so hard that we run off people becasue they can't or don't write a good enough log entry. Just my thoughts!!

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    Cut and paste logs

    We have hidden several caches in the Clarksville area. We watch almost every cache in Johnson County that we do not own and a few others in the area so we see the logs for lots of caches.

    Ocassionally we get someone caching here that chooses to type a message in one cache and then cut and paste that exact message in lots of other cache logs. We have been guilty of this ourselves in a few situations.

    We are aware of a cacher in another state that has posted on his cache pages that cut and paste logs are unacceptable for his caches and will be deleted. He says that he went to a considerable expense in time creativity and money to supply a cache that can be sought the least a cacher can do is an individual log for each cache.

    What do you think about this? We are looking for feedback not necessarily agreement. Please tell us what you think about this....poppy
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    I agree with you. Those who put time, effort, and expense into a cache should be rewarded with logs that reflect the impressions and thoughts of the seeker(s). I know that I appreciate it when somebody hunts one of mine and lets me know of their accounts and experiences.
    The flip-side is also true. Those caches that consist of a 35 mm film canister under a Wal-Mart lightpole skirt deserve just as much effort in the logs. When I hunt those simple caches, I'm just 'going for the numbers.' The owner is lucky to get more than a TFTC from me.

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    I don't care as long as someone finds it. I do try to add a little more to my logs It might have a cut and paste log but I'll add more if I remember something about the cache.
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    It seems just a matter of common courtesy to me. I'm not saying that our logs are eloquent, well thought out, insightful, or even meaningful in any way, but I don't recall ever doing a copy and paste. There's always SOMETHING unique you can say about the cache, the location, the trip, the thoughts in your head, the turtle you ran across, or..... well something.

    Yeah, it takes a little extra time and effort, but I figure I owe the hider at least that much...

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    I have to say I have never done this I may not write alot for certain caches, but I try to tell exactly what happened at that cache. We haven't found very many but we have been to more than one in a day and I've never had the same thing happen to me twice at two different caches. I try to take the time to write on about our experience at caches, but if it's a skirtlifter not to much to write about.

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    The simplest hide/find deserves a fresh comment, even if it's just a "thanks" for the owner's efforts. As the hide becomes more complex and the adventure more involved, that "new" story is fun for all to read. This thread parallels another "gripe" about people who just leave labels at the cache. Both behaviors seem a form of laziness.

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    The reason I place a cache is to let people have an opportunity to see a place I think is beautiful and worth seeing, or, a simple micro to help lead them into a area where a regular cache is located ( a trail marker ).
    Any demand that I place upon the finder of a cache would in my opinion diminish their overall geocaching experience.
    If they falsely say they have found the cache, they have not cheated me out of anything.
    They may have only cheated themselves out of a great out of doors experience.
    That is a choice they will make without any input from me.
    Because I want to enhance their experience, if I can, not diminish it.
    If they feel satisfied by signing the log only, or placing a sticker on the cache, or initialing the cache container, it is just fine with me.

    I sometimes do not log a cache because the hider has showed so much attitude about their cache that they make a statement similar to:
    " if your signature is not in this log book your find will be deleted, I will check every one ".
    My reasoning is this
    Logs get wet
    Logs get lost
    Logs get stolen
    Logs get too full
    Caches get put back in the wrong place
    Caches can be carried away by wildlife
    Caches can be ruined by contents that are placed in them
    The list can just go on and on.
    I have sat down after finding a cache and just enjoied the scenery, once I got to bird watching and took a nap, then just walked away, forgetting to even open the cache container.
    So, what do you think I should have done about that particular cache ?
    Log it ?
    Not log it ?
    Only write a note to the cache page ?

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    I try my best to find something good and or different to say about the simplest of cache hides and if a cache isnít good enough to post something nice I just do not log it at all. I donít go for the numbers, it just isnít my thing, and if the adventure wasnít worth it to me then logging it isnít either.
    Some folks like film canisters just dropped in the leaves for no apparent reason and donít think them lame at all but I think they should have at least painted it the color of the leaves if they want me to post something good about it.
    As far as deleting a claimed find, well I havenít done it yet but maybe should have a few times when not finding their IDís in the cache, except they actually didnít cheat me or harm my cache so I donít care.
    Now when one of my caches is left out that wasnít supposed to be left out and I actually know it wasnít the cacher before them (I check my caches often) I sometimes would like to delete their find....and pull their caching license for awhile, but it takes all kinds.
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    Nothing irks me more about Geocaching than getting a cut and paste log. We recently had a log entry that was an asterick - that was it. I have seen cache pages that said the owner would delete cut and paste logs, and seriously considered it myself, but a couple of things stopped me.

    First, it would place me in the same category as the logger - i.e. jerky cacher. More than likely it would just start a flaming contest and the log would be ammended, but still wouldn't be appreciative.
    Secondly, I tend to stay away from caches with a lot of 'rules' on the cache page. Just doesn't seem friendly.

    I think the only way to fight it is to find one of their caches and do the same. In fact, simply logging "cut and paste" might do it

    But on the bright side, it only takes one real good log entry to make up for a dozen bad ones. And a REALLY good log entry will get me motivated to hide more caches.
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