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Thread: What Is Your All Time Favorite Cache In Arkansas?

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    Jul 2007
    For us, it is GC8CD "Off the Beaten Path". This was the 4th cache we had ever found back in 2004. If it hadn't been for geocaching we never would have made this trip. This spring we camped at Petit Jean and we made the hike again...all because of the memories made when we found that cache!

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    Wow, what a tough decision.
    I'm gonna go with Golf Gone Nutz- GCRJYV

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    Conway, Arkansas
    "How Do You Measure Up as a Cacher" GCVF6Q

    "Overkill" GC16WZE


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    Hot Springs Village (Saline County), Arkansas
    We're going to leave out nonnipoppy and Golfnutz caches in this list because all of theirs are our favorites. We cut our caching teeth on nonnipoppy and Golfnutz caches but some of them sure hurt our brains.

    Favorite All Time Cache - This is always the last cache we found.

    Favorite Multi - Main Street (GCHZKF) by Old River Runner

    Favorite Series - Tool Time Series in Glenwood by "CacheMates"
    GC15EY4 - Tool Time " Tool Chest "
    GC15FPA - Tool Time " Blast Off "
    GC15F03 - Tool Time " The Monkey with a Coconut "
    GC15FNV - Tool Time " Elevator Going Up "
    GC15FP2 - Tool Time " Water You Thinking "
    GC15G4D - Tool Time " The Fishing Hole "
    and the highlight of the series
    GC15FPH - " Binford Tool Time Cache "

    Favorite Scenic Cache - Glory Hole (GCG0P0) by mooremonkeys

    Favorite Hurt Your Brain Cache - Geared Up (GC1GTH6) by AR-HICK

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    Mz Grzz and my favorite cache would have to be "Smyrna (Smirnee) Creek Expidition" GCKCY7. This is a little used cache outside of Mountain View on Hwy 14. It's not that difficult but not so easy at GZ either. I guess the location of this one is what makes it special to us.

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    i think i found it today. GC1GTH6 "Geared Up" located in conway. i have to say, my favorite cache is normaly the last one ive found. this was the last one ive found while im posting this, but it really was awesome. to me caching is all about the places it brings me to. so i think what makes a cache most memorable to me is where its at. another good one is the one hidden at the old mill in north little rock. that area is awesome. GC17CVN Picturesque.

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    North Little Rock, AR
    Pretty much anything that WW puts out there. Keeps you thinking outside the box constantly!

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