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Thread: Goodbye to the community

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    Finding out that you will no longer be our reviewer is very sad. I know not the reason or circumstances but I know that the man that put on the Arkansas meets Alabama event and who came to the Clarksville event in April is a wonderful example of a what makes geocaching so much fun. Any time we take friends caching and they complain of heat, rain, terrain, or whatever, I think of you know that they can do it and will be just fine.

    Anytime your in the state know that there are any number of phones you can ring, where on the other end of the line is a person that would jump at the chance to cache with you.

    Peace be with you,

    The Pixie with an Attitude!!

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    walking tall , a man among us

    Noninpoppy and mountainborn say it all . I did'nt have a clue there was any controversy or problem . Nature Fish , you are a gracious , generous person in accepting responsibility for what-ever happened. We all know that no one person is at fault in a misunderstanding . Having met you , your response to this is what I would have predicted ; mature and forthright . You , my friend , meet the definition of being a , "man". My life has been enriched knowing you .

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    I don't know what happened for you to get dismissed, all I know, you were a good reviewer for Arkansas and for us personally. You helped me on more than one cache.
    Having met you at the Petit Jean event and going with you on a very tough terrian cache I know this certainly won't stop you.
    Those of you who know where the Rock House Cave, and Turtle Rocks are at Petit Jean gives you an idea what a tough cacher Ed is. We went for one of ORR's caches near the overlook. We took the long way, Ed took the short way and he made it almost as fast as we did. I was simply amazed at what he did. Just imagine doing that on one leg and crutches. I realized then that Ed is not Handicapped at all.
    Hope you can make the Mountain Clan Event. You know from experience that Grandkid 38 cooks a mean corned beef and cabbage. It may be to hot in August for dutch oven cooking, but you know Grandkid will come up with something.
    Hope to see you there.

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    It has indeed been a pleasure meeting you and working with you and you have certainly been an inspiration to all of us. Please don't let this get you down. As I was reading some of the nit picki posts about the DRR and seeing where they came from I am glad I am a southern geocacher. Keep in touch and I would be proud to go caching with you anytime, any place. Sayitagain

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    Thank you, I can't tell you how much your kind words mean!

    I am sure that I will see y'all soon!

    On the way to GW4 I replaced Big Red (my custom Dually Suburban gas hog) with a cool '06 Tahoe Nonipoppy so graciously hooked me up with, and will be using it to come see my GeoPals.

    After traveling the world pretty extensively for 50+ years I don't think I would ever leave my little town here in Alabama, but if I am ever tempted to move Arkansas will be at the top of the places-to-live list!


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