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Thread: Coming to AR

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    Coming to AR

    Hello Y'all! I am coming to AR very soon and would like to cache with someone who can tour me around. I am not sure of the date and will leave that up to whoever can show me around. The areas I will be in to cache are:

    Fort Smith (I will stay overnight here if alot of caching will take place)
    Russellville (on the way home)
    Little Rock (on the way home)
    And any small towns in between.

    I will be staying in Mountain Home and would like to go up and grab Missouri so I can add it to my map. If there is anyone in the Mountain Home area that would be great since I can cache for several days there.

    I thought of even setting up a cache run event for a Saturday in one of the towns/citys if possiable. Of course I will need a local to help with place and time to meet.

    If interested, please email me through my profile


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    I have someone that can cache with me in Little Rock after the 18th of June. So If I come up on the 15th through Fort Smith and leave out towards Little Rock on the 19th (ish), will that give more of an idea on when I can/will/maybe be coming.

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    Hey it was great meeting you at GW4 and you have my number also I will take you around Fort SMith and Fayetteville if you would like so I'll contact you tomorrow.
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    Mountain Home

    Hi -

    We live near Mountain Home and have several caches there. Let us know what dates you'll be here and maybe we can work something out.

    Towards Branson would probably be your best bet for a Missouri cache run.
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