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Thread: Caches near I-40

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    Caches near I-40

    I was planning to come up to Clarksville this weekend and was wondering if anyone kept an updated list of caches within a few miles of I-40, that I could jump on and off to find. This would be a lot easier than running pocket queries and having many caches on it that I won't have a chance to do this trip.

    Our Louisiana association keeps a major roads database with this kind of info in it, in case anyone needs it when coming down here.

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    I may be pointing out the obvious

    I don't have any kind of readily available database but the first thought that comes to mind is Google Earth. Install it and download the KML file from Then you can zoom in and fly along your route and see what caches show up. You can click on the cache icon and it will open up the cache page in your browser. Gives you a better idea of access to/from the Interstate also. STW

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