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Being "new" to the sport I have no preconceptions about the difference between a magellan and a garmin, but I'd sure take my new 60Cx over the SporTrak Pro I started with.

The SporTrak often takes two or three minutes to get it's fix and seldom gets more than five satelites, the 60Cx will lock in under thirty seconds, usually has from eight to ten birds at a time and can even track while indoors. (depending on the roofing material/thickness)

Of course there are years of difference between the units' technology that count for more than the brand name, but I haven't heard of a Magellan that can match the 60Cx so far.
I started out with the sportrak pro, I got so tired of the unit not operating correctly in the trees, I went to the 60cx, nice, I can now download coordinates directly to my GPS and the Sportrak would not do that.