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    Silently the raiders crept into the campsite. Theirs was a mission that was critical to their very survial. They were subsistence hunting. Though the camp had sentries posted, they were at the time, suffering the effects of an overdose of Hotdogs and smores. The effects of the hot dog overdose were well known to the raiding team. They knew that the sentries would be drawn to the campfire to comfort each other in their misery.
    The raiders also being keen observers of mankind, knew that the lingering effects of smores withdrawl would cause the sentries to stir up the fire for a quick fix of hotdogs and smores, an event usually occouring around midnight.
    Their time was limited. They proceded quickly and efficiently. The first food container ( read this as trash can ) lid came off readily with a team work effort. And it was all down hill after that. Though the sentries became aware of the raiders activities, at some point in time, they seemed to be jaded on the euphoric effects of smores and meerly watched the raid as it progressed from can to can.
    Eventually in the wee hours of pre dawn, the raiders and sentries alike withdrew from the campfire area. Quiet prevailed as the night birds began their early morning calls.
    The silence was broken only by the excessive snoring of a tired, ancient geocacher snoring loudly in a camp trailer.
    Very cool, the cache raiders were raided by the professionals !

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    HikerRon Guest
    ah yes. i was probably the ancient snoring geocacher referred to in the above posting.
    i was awakened that night by children's shouts and flaslights beams flashing across my tent. the kids had discovered a raccoon on top of our picnic table. the rascal deftly opened the lid of my ice chest and was rummaging around when interrupted by the kids. he bounded off the table and was steaking for the woods, taking a walmart bag that contained my cheddar cheese. but during the pursuit, he dropped the bag and the kids returned it to me. the cheese had been gnawed on considerably. the kids offered to throw it away for me, and i stashed the ice chest in my car, then returned to my tent to resume my snoring.
    fun in the outdoors!

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    RugerPilot345 Guest
    Ahhhhhhh, camping....why I love it so much, interaction with nature......hee hee!!


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