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Thread: Fake logs?

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    Fake logs?

    When I went to archive GCJGHD on request tonight I noticed it had TBs logged in and out of it amongst the DNFs - this confuses me - is it there or isn't it?

    If it's not why log bugs in and out?

    Not that it matters, really, just trying to see what's going on with this cache!

    Anyone wanna clue me in on what I am missing?


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    All three bugs logged recently are owned by the person logging them. It appears that they are doing something I did a while back - using a personal travel bug to log in and back out of each cache found to keep a record of the miles. It's not an accurate record because it shows the miles from cache to cache and does not show the miles from home to the cache. However it is interesting to watch the miles grow.

    If they just recently started doing this they they probably went back and logged a note to each of the caches they had previously found so that they would be able to "drop" the bug and then retrieve it.

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    Kewl, thanks! Just wanted to make sure they were not findng it and others couldnt - I wouldn't want to archive something that is in fact there, just hard to find!


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