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Thread: ark - alabama event - are there problems?

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    Which one is the tall one?

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    The western Petit Jean Mtn. is the high point of Yell County. I have a cache at the high point named (of course) "Yell County Highpoint" (GCKZ8X). When I placed the cache, I measured an elevation of 2434 feet with my Garmin eTrex Vista.

    The eastern Petit Jean Mtn. is the high point of Conway County. Its high point is at an elevation of 1207 feet (according to the following web location:, which is the Arkansas page for the County Highpointers Association.)

    Having visited both, I can assure you that the eastern one is more scenic and is one of my top two favorite places in Arkansas (the other being the Buffalo River). -- ORR
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    Case settled

    Thanks for the info youse guys! I was having a "discussion" with Captain B and the Queen about how to get there for the event and we had wildly different views on what route to take. Now that we know there are TWO Petit Jean mountains, I guess we were BOTH right! I like it when it ends up like that!

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