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Thread: Little Missouri Falls

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    Little Missouri Falls

    Today we took a drive up to Little Missouri Falls. A few places still had some snow on the roads. It had been 3 years since we had been there. We only saw one other person. He was from Texarkana looking for a place to trout fish. It was a very pretty day to be out in the mountains. We got some pretty pictures today with just a little snow still on the ground.
    Little Missouri Falls is 15 miles from Langley and 9 from Albert Pike Recreation Area. They have made lots of improvements with two new bathrooms and several campsites at Albert Pike Campground.
    I will try to post a couple of pictures we took today at Little Missouri Falls. We also placed a new cache today, since the original cache has been archived.

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    Great post and some great pictures Jerry. Thanks for giving me a peek of Arkansas while across the way......the "Falls" look beautiful as ever.


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