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Thread: Arkansas Geocaching Writers Needed!

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    Arkansas Geocaching Writers Needed!

    Just wanted to pass this along. Arkansas Geocachers Association was contacted recently by a publication called the Arkansas Fishing and Outdoors Guide. This is a great opportunity for us to spread the word about Arkansas geocaching!

    If you would be interested in writing a short article for them, read on...


    Hello All,

    I work for Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods and we produce the Arkansas Fishing Guide each year. However, this year we are expanding it to the Arkansas Fishing and Outdoors Guide, with additional topics of hunting, canoing, hiking, geocaching, watchable wildlife, birding, etc.

    I am looking for a couple of geocaching enthusiasts who would want to write up a few paragraphs about a personal experience/perspective. The perspectives that people write can be between 150-500 words and the deadline would be Oct 16. It could deal with a particular part of the state that's great for for geocaching or a specific cache that is better than others or the camaraderie in the state between geocachers, etc.

    If they would contact me via email to let me know if they are planning on submitting. I appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing what people have to say about geocaching in Arkansas. We plan on running these as sidebars in the new guide. If you are interested or can direct me to people who would be, it will be greatly appreciated.

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    I may be interested in doing something like that. I like to write when I have an interesting subject to write about. I'll let you know some more soon.

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    I would be willing to contribute something. -- ORR
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    Count me in. This looks like another good way to help promote geocaching to another audience.

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    I wrote a small article that ran in the England Democrat last summer. I would be glad to submit it for approval.

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    Oddly I got a copy of that same e-mail via a fellow paddler.

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    I passed it on to a few in the paddling community who have those writing skills.
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