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Thread: New Trails in Rogers

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    New Trails in Rogers

    Did any of you cachers in the Rogers area see the article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette on Sunday? It looks like they are working on creating 21 miles of trail in the area. Some of it should be completed this week. I personnally think that this is really cool, and I hope other cities follow suit. I know Lowell is also considering building a trail through the city, and maybe the success of the Rogers trail will help to speed things up.

    Anyway, it looks like there will be a lot of new places to put caches in the near future!


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    I think it is great that the cities are getting involved with projects like this. I have been to Clarksville several times in the last couple of months hiking the Spadra Creek Trail just for exercise and they are working on putting up lights along portions of the trail and I've heard that they are going to pave about half of it. There are already some nice trails here around Russellville. I have an idea for building a trail across the north face of Skyline in Russellville, but I think it would be a really big job and would involve a lot of communication and getting permission from a lot of residents in order to build a trail there. If it could be done it would be a wonderful trail. I just wish more cities could get involved in projects like the one in Rogers. This will give me another reason to go to Rogers to do some caching.

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    Saw the article this past week and thought it was great. In speaking with the Park district for Bentonville, they have been lobbying for the purchase of new land for another park. Additionally, the City of Bentonville, will take over the responsibility for the walking trail around Lake Bella Vista and there will be a trail built that connects this to the NWACC.
    Definitely a lot more attention to develoing trails and walking paths in our cities.

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