this my adventure while hunting the famous hwy 71 micro cache.
wow what a cache!rain out from my job today,so i think i will grab a few caches.this one is first on my list,so me and my rider pull off and are setting there trying not to look suspect.traffic slows down so we bail out looking for the cache and i see what i think is the cache real quick!im thinking this is to easy!well i look at it and dont see anything and i think well maybe this isnt i get the cell and call mountainborn and plead for help. he tells me i was right just to look i go back and(all the while trying not to look suspect)and grab the cache.well as soon as it is in my hands i turn around and coming right beside me is an arkansas highway department vehicle.i can tell the way they are looking they think im up to no good,so i wave just as big as i can and give them a big smile.i get to the truck with the cache and i look out my window and down the road is the arkansas highway department truck pulled off watching thinking at any time the police are gonna show up and want to know what im we set there and and i get the phone and act like im making a call.i guess they had to leave or just gave up because they pulled away.about that time i look up and there is the local sheriff,driving by staring at me!so i sign the log as quick as i can and go put the cache back thinking well the police will be here any time,but we made it out without having to explain why we were acting so suspicious.this was my riders first ever cache experienece and he was really excited about it.tnln
the guy that was with with me had heard of our sport but had never been involved before.well he is hooked just like the rest of us now.