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Thread: Arkansas Meet Alabama Campout - GCT912

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    Nature_fish said:
    Yes, brown or heavily colored sealed envelopes so players can't see through them (regular postal security envelopes are opague and can be seen through).
    I have seen playing cards cut in half then stapled into a grocery store paper bag. But those are becoming scarce these days !

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    This morning the Today Show valued a diamond found by a visitor to an Arkansas park at between $15-60K.

    Y'all got diamonds laying around on the ground and you're out chasing geocaches??

    That's some dedicated geocachers! Can't wait to meet y'all!

    Next event we're changing parks, though!

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    In the numbers world, I'll take my chances on ammo cans! Ammo cans at the diamond park is even better!

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    Yeah, I think they said you would have to process something like 16 million tons of dirt to get that one diamond - that's a lot of DNFs!

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    In the words of the infamous Frank Barone, "Holy Crap!"

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    New caches in Petit Jean Park

    I just finished entering the reports for 9 new caches in Petit Jean State Park. I received the park permits today. I've asked Ed (Nature Fish) to release the new listings on Friday morning. Keep a watch out for them! Warning! They all involve a hike, some short, some long! Also, I have 3 more I need to place, which I hope to do Friday morning and get the permits approved, so they'll be up by Saturday morning! -- ORR
    "Wildness is a necessity." -- John Muir

    "I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth." -- Steve McQueen

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    WOW! Double WOW WOW!!!Nine new caches and three more to come. You da Man! I'll be putting out the Poker Run caches tomorrow and Friday. This will give the event participants a good tour of the Park.

    Take time to smell the roses and love the grandkids.

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    Good Morning!

    I'm at a Flying J truck stop somewhere 30 miles or so from the park, should be there around 9 a.m.

    Call me if you want to meet. 205-914-6814 You can't miss me, I am driving a bright red custom-built Suburban Dualie.

    Also, in case cellular doesn't work at the park, I am monitoring 146.52 ham, Ch. 19 CB and Ch 7 FRS/GMRS radios.


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    I'm curious how you are posting from "a Flying J truck stop somewhere 30 miles or so from the park"!

    They have a hot spot at the Truck Stop?

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    Yes, almost all the large chain truck stops have wifi.

    Petro, TA and Flying J have all been bought by the same company, so an account with one will connect at any. There is a cost at these locations, I pay $19.95/mo for unlimited access anywhere in North or Central America.

    Krystal Hamburgers, Panera Bread stores and thousands of other businesses offer free WiFi access; Google the word 'wifi' and your zip code to get a list near you.


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