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Thread: Arkansas Meet Alabama Campout - GCT912

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    Arkansas Meet Alabama Campout - GCT912

    The Arkansas Meet Alabama Campout - GCT912, has been listed!

    I am completely open to suggestions, so if there is anything you want added or modified let me know!

    Anyone that would like to present or discuss a geocaching-related topic is welcome.

    See y'all there!

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    Bumping it up as a reminder!

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    Arkansas meet Alabama
    That's the link to make it easier
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    My suggestions may already be in your plans : name tags ; door prizes, ; cache demonstrations, i.e. containers , placement ideas , etc...;comments from the aga steering committee ; ask Jerry Turner to bring some of his creative caches ; since we are staying overnight can someone bring their guitar ; have a campfire Sat. pm , tell the tallest caching tales ; have an organized hike down to the falls ; ghost stories ; with a half a day to hang around we need something to keep everyones intrest .
    Hopefully with these suggestions others will jump in with much better ideas . We plan to do some dutch oven cooking Friday pm and would be delighted for others to join ..if enough are intrested I'll create another thread with more details .

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    I am planning to hide three caches up there once they are approved by the park folks.

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    Good ideas all, go for it! I am open to anything.

    The meeting room I have reserved all day Saturday holds 30, if we expect more than that they have an enclosed pavillion that holds 70.

    Please, if you plan to come and have not already, log a Will Attend note to the event page so I will know if we need the larger room.


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    I can not wait for this!!!!!!!!!!
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    What time will the poker run start/end? I know I won't be able to make it Friday night which means driving up Saturday and probably not getting there before 10:00 at the earliest.

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    I will be arriving Friday. I am driving. There are geocaches between me and you. That means it might take ALL DAY to get there! Huh. Lots of caches between us, in fact. Maybe I better leave Wednesday!

    Since I started geocaching my travel times have been, uh, negatively impacted. What used to take an hour to drive might now take five!

    That means the seven poker-run caches won't be hidden until Saturday morning around, say, 8 a.m. Anyone that wants to go to the park and locate seven interesting locations to hide an ammo can is welcome! That would save me a lot of time. Cachers should be able to find all seven and get back to the meeting in two hours or less, so they don't need to be too far or too hard. Cachers can make the poker run anytime between 8 a.m. Saturday until just before the meeting... I don't recall at the moment when we set the meeting, 3 p.m. I think... I will have to look at the event listing!

    In fact if someone wants to work with me on this I will send money for seven ammo boxes, envelopes and cards and you can hide them! Just keep the coords secret!

    I also like to play some games at meetings, so the seven ammo boxes will be stocked and given away after the poker run as prizes, meaning I will need the last person to make the run collect the caches. Perhaps someone will volunteer to be that last seeker and collect them for me just before the afternoon meeting.

    Sharpen your GPS skills, as stocked caches will be given to those who can place a flag closest to a pre-selected spot. Teams may be formed to find geocaches - only you won't have a GPS - you'll have an FRS radio! The person with the GPS will stay behind and guide your team to the cache by voice commands! Teams of five will have four members bound together at the elbows, facing out, in a circle, blindfolded. The fifth will stand in the middle of the circle and use his/her GPS to navigate the cluster to a cache and back, first team back wins stocked caches.

    Don't bother to form teams in advance - this is all about getting to know one another! If I see that there's someone there to whom you haven't yet spoken, you can bet I'll team that person with you!

    Those games require hidden caches, usually in view (the location, not the cache!) of the meeting place so non-participants can have fun watching, pointing and giggling! Anyone that wants to help me with that will be greatly appreciated!

    The geocacher of the year will be recognized, and I hope to start a new Arkansas tradition, since I haven't seen it mentioned in the forums - a golden ammo box will be awarded to all cachers with over 1K finds. After this meeting y'all might want to carry that on by making 1K ammo boxes for everyone that reaches that milestone. Presentations can be done with a few gathering for lunch or you may want to present them monthly at a meeting. You may already be doing this, I don't remember seeing it though.

    Bottom line and in direct answer to your question, by 10 a.m. Saturday we should be all set up and ready to go, but 'happenings' will occur throughout the day!

    Oh yeah - one last tidbit - I could care less what you do in your personal life... drink, smoke dope, it's none of my business... until you come to an event I am hosting! Provided the park and local laws allow I don't care if you want to have a drink, but my events are all about fun and are 100% kid-friendly! Anyone drinking to excess or misbehaving around the kids will be asked to leave.


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    Will these "Poker-Run" caches need park approval as other caches in the state park are required to have?


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