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Thread: heavy traffic caches

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    heavy traffic caches

    We had to decrease the level of diffficulty on bug motel III . Two newly well worn trails led directly to the cache , and , the cache was not remaining well hidden. My request is for you that cache a lot try to be aware of developing tell tale trails and cover them as though you are trying to evede capture . A well attended cache can still look fresh if all us regulars straighten up behind newbies . I think some folks get in such a rush to find a lot of caches in one day they don't mend caches found ..this is human nature, but some of us slower folks can make amends to a tried and true hide .

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    Great point, Grandkid38 - these are called 'social trails' by land managers and are disliked (to put it mildly) by managers responsible for maintaining the flora and fauna of our parks.

    Park rangers will almost always encourage visitors to stay on the developed trails, and usually require geocaches to be placed on or along the developed trail specifically to prevent the creation of social trails.


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