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Thread: What are the goals for your Travel Bug.

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    What are the goals for your Travel Bug.

    Everybody has a different idea about the goals for your travel bugs. In my feeble brain The choices are lots of caches, quality caches or lots of miles.

    I know there are a few others that I am not thinking about. I handled one recently that a navy family released in New York. It was called Surfing to Hawaii. The tag stated the were being stationed in Hawaii and wanted the bug to join them.

    But my question is what is Your main desire/goal for the majority of your T/Bs.

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    On mine I just want them to travel and see different places also to get a lot of miles on it.
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    Most of my bugs are just to travel but I have one with other goals. I'm an active member in a regional xterra club. I created the HXOC Xterra Bug to have pics taken with other xterras, meet another Xterra TB that was created by another one of our club members, and to attend at least one club trip with each regional club(That should keep it busy).

    Here's the link for it:

    I do give my TB's "side missions" from time to time. Thanks for reminding me about this. I'll probably go through each TB I own and assign some new unique missions.

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    We have only had one (RIP), but it's goal was to be photographed with famous people and places.
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    I would like the Bug to get miles, if it saw a lot of caches in the process, that is great too. I have released some, they made it to a couple of caches then, dissappear . Just wish, like everyone else, when someone grabs one, they put it back out SOMEWHERE

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    Geezer_Veazey Guest

    Travel Bug Goals

    When I ordered my TBs I envisioned them getting thousands of miles. Before actually launching them I began to pay closer attention to the logs written for other TBs. I came to realize that finding them and moving them makes other cachers happy and that in turn makes me happy. The number of miles is really immaterial. So I guess lots of cachers would be the answer for me. As I have stated before, I like anyone that finds it to be eligible to take it if they so desire so I prefer they not be left in a cache where "take one leave one" is a requirement.

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