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Thread: ammo cans

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    It seems that in one day you managed to jump on Naturefish for trying to pick the most convenient time to host a meeting,
    Quote Originally Posted by OldRiverRunner
    go ahead and set a date and not worry about who can or cannot attend. -- ORR
    and you jumped on me for posting a way to get cheaper ammo cans, and then accused me of mis-representing the cost of ammo cans on CTD.
    Quote Originally Posted by OldRiverRunner
    If you don't want to buy from them, fine, then don't. But don't mis-represent the costs.
    Sir, the people here know how honest I am and I believe we have seen this type of aggressive, disruptive, accusatory posting before. Thatís why we have had to add moderators.
    Everyone here has internet access and knows how to use the link I've added so there would be no point to my mis-representing, just click the button.
    I wish you a good day sir, and I realize you don't know me, so no hard feelings.
    Cheaperthandirt ammo cans
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    BACKPACKNJACK and OldRiverRunner,

    Please review the posting guidelines for this forum.

    I don't really know how this escalated so fast, but I'm going to ask BOTH of you to refrain from personal attacks on each other. You can discuss the prices of ammo cans all day long, but the minute you start pointing fingers and making personal attacks and accusations, it gets my attention.

    If you want to continue this discussion, it's fine with me. Feel free to utilize the "pm" or "email" links at the bottom of the post. Just don't do it here.

    Wayne (Your friendly, neighborhood moderator)
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    ORR and BPJ,

    If you wish to have any more comments with each other about your resent post, please do so using the PM system provided on this site. Thanks you for understanding.

    The Pixie with an Attitude!!

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    Soley as a point of fact (no finger pointing) I checked the cheaperthandirt site right after it was posted as a suggestion and the $11.97 price is what I saw too. I didn't bother to check on the shipping since there is a pawnshop nearby that sells them for $5.

    As for time, convienience, and gas costs, everyone places a different value on their time and effort. If I had to go to Texas to get the $5 price, then I might just go with cheaperthandirt myself.

    As a suggestion to the original poster: If you surplus stores suck, try a gunshop or a pawnshop that deals in guns. A lot of people own guns that use the 5.56 or 7.62 ammo and if they buy their ammo in bulk it will often come in the can. Most of them throw these cans away. I've gotten three so far from one of my freinds that hunts.

    Now I just need to find a good location to hide them....


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    I apologize to all if my posts on this topic are considered "personal attacks". That was not my intent when I wrote both postings. -- ORR
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    B&C Pawn Shop, 609 N. St. Joseph, Morrilton has the small ammo cans. I paid $3 each last year. Don't know what they are going for now.
    Traveling between Conway and Russellville on other business it would only be about a mile out of the way.

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    Once again, thanks for the info. There is a gun show here this weekend so I'll try that. Didnt think bout the gun shops so I'll ask around. I go to Little Rock at least twice a week so I was kinda lookin for sources close to there. I don't mind driving a bit to get some cans cause that gives me an excuse to pick up caches that I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Thanks once again.

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