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Thread: Decon Kits

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    Decon Kits

    There have been several recent inquiries about buying decon kits. If you want them this seems reasonable in price. Watch shipping costs......poppy
    linky thingy
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    Thanks Poppy.

    The cost as I read it= $1.79 each
    So the cost of 10 of them plus shipping would look something like this.
    SubTotal $17.90
    Tax $0.00
    UPSİ $7.88 (their cheapest shipping rate)
    Total $25.78

    I only have one of these but it seems thick/tuffff enough to scotch an 18wheeler with. The site said they were water tight lids but mine sure isn't. I don't know how it would be water tight unless mine is missing something, mine has no seal system that I can see. Does anyone else have a different experience with them being water tight???
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    I just hid one near Caddo Gap... I am hoping it will stay waterproof. Maybe you aren't snapping the lid shut enough? I don't know.

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