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Thread: Inappropriate items in caches

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    GEO Guest
    Well I have found some pretty strange thing in caches,most I will not list and got rid of it.
    I always update it with something better.

    I will mention the Geocaching panties though,at the time I did not think about it and it was not in the rules but these were ..............well and had a geocaching logo on them too.

    as far as utilty tools if appropriate and in the appropriate cache I would welcome them.I do not have a problem except in urban setting,but the Rural country,has it's place the country and coutry kids all have them.

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    Bio-x Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GEO

    as far as utilty tools if appropriate and in the appropriate cache I would welcome them.I do not have a problem except in urban setting,but the Rural country,has it's place the country and coutry kids all have them.
    Very well put...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty_da_dog
    Well, I do think box-cutters are not wise in a cache. As for pocket knives or multi-tools, I think those are pretty cool. I think that most kids that go caching with adults are pretty responsible and most have probably had a pocket knife at some point in time. Heck, I remember when I was in school all the guys had pocket knives, now a days you would be threw out for carrying a weapon, come on....
    Yep. Almost anything could be used as a weapon. For the most part, I would say that the problem is not with the knives, but with irresponsible adults. Knives don't kill people, people kill people. And all that jazz...

    However, I can see some merit to's decision to change their guidelines regarding knives. I guess knives in caches COULD be construed by SOME as a bad practice. Remember, this is just a guideline, not really a rule. ( Translation: If you still wanna trade items like this, we're not gonna try to stop you. Just call it a multi-tool in your log. )
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    grandkid44 Guest

    inappropriate items

    I agree , if you find something inappropriate , take it out. Someone left a rubber snake in guido and bambi...fortunately , I was checking our trap line and found it ; rather than some dad with a gaggle of kids. Although physically harmless it could have soured some family on geocaching . All of ours are family caches.

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    Soured the family I bet it would have soiled their undershort when they opened it up and saw it.
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    rock_hound Guest
    I found the Flatside Pinnacle cache this weekend while backpacking on the Ouachita Trail. This is a very beautiful spot for a cache. The cache contained a pill bottle with pot and rolling papers inside. I smoked.....I mean dumped it out

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    Glad you came back down and bumped this back up. Like many things that get buried here, I think it is an important subject that is a huge part of what we do.

    JM2CW on this subject:

    According to the GC forums the most appreciated item found in caches, hands down, are the multi-tools. So here is how I feel about it. If you don't think they should be in a cache then take them, (you are free to take anything you wish right?) and log that that is what you took. To do anything other then that, like take all the stuff you don't like without logging it is inappropriate. If the item is so bad it should not be listed in the online log then you should e-mail the cache owner of the find and the removal.
    They need to know what is being left in their cache, they may choose to hide it better or move it.

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    TeamMGGPS Guest
    I used to get Swiss Army knives at the dollar store and use them for my item. They seemed to be pretty good, they never stayed in the cache very long. I wasn't aware that they had changed to list to include knives.

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    I bought over $150 worth of Multi-Tools to leave in caches after reading the G.C. post about what is your favorite items to find in caches but after hearing someone at the meet&greet say they take them out as inappropriate I went back to the caches and they were gone but not listed in the log. I think they are one of the best/smartest/useful things, along with water-proof matches, you can take to the woods/camping/hiking/hunting/etc.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but in Arkansas you must be 16 to buy a folding knife at a retail store (ID required but you can give a kid a knife at any age) and 16 to drive alone. That means that unless people are letting under age drivers have the GPS and car to go caching, or they are just letting the kids run wild through the woods and open caches without supervision (I recall at the meet&greet a snake had decided to sunbathe on top of a cache that the kids were looking for plus many other stories) then according to the strictest laws of the state, common sense and good judgement, you did nothing wrong.
    GC didn't say you would get fired if you left a MT but I think they should have said you will if you let children cache unsupervised.
    Imposing rules is a funny thing, it almost never changes those who need changing the most.
    Are we marking a safe and sane trail for others to follow by removing multi-tools but not removing caches that we 'know' are placed next to wasp nest or in poison ivy? Many have been harmed by wasp and poison ivy/oak but how many have been harmed by MT's found in caches?

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    Pignewton Guest
    ACK! Toy snakes are a no no? I found some at the a local dollar store that are usually 5 bucks or more at some stores. They are a wooden articulated snake and are pretty neat...I thought anyway. I do try to leave them rolled up and on the side of the cachebox and not coiled to scare when you open the lid. Any one else think they are not good? I thought kids, especially the boys would love them. I'll go an remove them if anyone else has issues with these...

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