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Thread: What's the STRANGEST thing you've ever found in a cache?

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    What's the STRANGEST thing you've ever found in a cache?

    Team Rock Hound suggested this thread, so here goes!

    Early last year, we found a cache called NDCVD5,000 with Optional Heat! (archived now) that had an unused blood bag in it. ???

    Ironically, this was the very same cache that eventually appeared on TV when KATV did a segment on geocaching for their morning show, Daybreak. We were supposed to meet the reporter (Jason) out there, but he never called us back. Anyways, I think it was bebopishere that ended up doing the segment with him (and did a great job, by the way!)

    What's the strangest item the YOU have found?
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    This weekend I found a mouse trap in RP & KG 1 . I had to look twice to make sure it was not set. I have not been caching long, so I am sure there is stranger stuff.

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    I posted the above message. (I forgot to login)

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