We also had a great time at MOGA! And we were so happy to see to Spanky & the Squirrel there! Bob and Jeepers did a lot of caching together & we had a great time with the Hot Dogs Off Trail! Met a few other Arkansas cachers also.

This is definately an area to go back to - so anyone that can, visit the caches there! It's a beautiful area and so much history!

The only downside of the weekend was the unfortunate incident that happended on Saturday morning to RGS & Charlotte. We hope everything works out for your car - and the deer!

Jeepers2 & Memphis won the 3rd place Individual competion - although we do have to comment that Memphis the Wonder Dog found a couple of the caches for her!

Another great MOGA event! We're looking forward to next year and they're looking for someone to host the next one.